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Wondercon 2018 Cosplay Showcase

Best Wondercon Anaheim 2018 Cosplay

Cosplayers of all kinds, pro and amateur, are descending upon Anaheim to show off the latest and greatest cosplay at this year’s Wondercon! Set at the Anaheim Convention Center, Wondercon is one of the first opportunities of the year for cosplay fans to see the incredible new costumes in store for this year’s convention circuit. We will be posting all the fantastic cosplays coming out of Wondercon 2018 so check back frequently and vote for your favorites below!

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How to Submit Your Wondercon 2018 Cosplay Photo

Submit your photo for consideration to be included in this contest by using one of the following methods:

  • Via Submission Form: Post your submission on Instagram or Facebook using hashtag #gogocosplay and email the link to us via our contact form. (Make sure to select “Cosplay Showcase Submission” in the “Purpose” drop down field)

* Note: Submission isn’t a guarantee of inclusion in the showcase.

Vote for the Best Cosplay of Wondercon Anaheim 2018 Below:


#1 Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle Cosplay by @maegandeeble

#2 Cindy Aurum Cosplay by @hoenoya. PC: @pentoolartist

#9 Jessica Jones Cosplay by @thecollectedmutineer

#12 Thrash Metal Spawn Cosplay by @bat_in_my_belfry

#18 Gwenom Cosplay at Wondercon by @kiwi_cosplay

#19 Jamie & Claire Fraser from Outlander by @rufio_lost_boys

#21 Agent Starbucks & Long John Fury by @dynamic_dyad

#23 My Hero Academia Cosplay by @daft.raptor

#25 Deadpool Cosplay at Wondercon 2018 by @ghoulcosplay

#29 Frollo Cosplay at Wondercon Anaheim by @jooskellington

#32 Captain Mexico by @erik_loco_lobo_lopez. PC: @thesleepymuse

#33 Sub Zero at the Stargate by @dezedandconfused

#34 Disney Prince Playboy Bunny Cosplay by @lostboycosplay & friends

#42 Glam Star Wars Rebels. Photo: @geekscapeforever

#43 McCree Cosplay at Wondercon by @mickeyaberrant

#44 Mystique Cosplay at Wondercon by @graciethecosplaylass

#45 Princess Ruto Cosplay by @heidinhagan. PC: @linamuafx

#50 Bombshell Superman by @supermanthony

#51 Supernova Cosplay at Wondercon 2018 by @jakurinu

#57 Phoenix Cosplay by @lenoxknight. PC: @jrulison

#60 Shuri Cosplay by @shanamostella. PC: @rubiophotography

#61 Harley Quinn Cosplay by @khloleesi

#64 Who Framed Roger Rabbit Cosplay by @missgrey_cosplay & friends

#66 Mr. Freeze Cosplay by @adorkablejay