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Wreck It Ralph Costume

It is the Vanellope Wreck It Ralph costume with all the details so that you look the most perished to our beloved Ralph.

From the reddish wig, the reddish false eyebrows, the gloves, to the overalls with muscle details.

It is a product very similar to the wonderful character with the official license from Disney.





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Wreck It Ralph Costume:

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This is an excellent adult Wreck It Ralph costume that you can wear on any holiday or event. Ideal for kids and adults.

It is the ideal option to leave a good surprise in some cosplays event and surprise with your giant fists.

Become Ralph and surprise everyone with your popular phrase, I’m gonna Shrek it!


This fantastic Vanellope Wreck-It Ralph cosplay costume is outfitted with a jumpsuit, gloves, wig, and a pair of fake eyebrows.

The suit is completely made of polyester, which includes the jumpsuit with the details of the muscles in the arms.

It is a set with the official license of the Disney brand. The outfit is inspired by Ralph Breaks The Internet Disney Movie.

The shag and eyebrows are synthetic, so they are easy to use and wash in case they get dirty.

The Wreck-it Ralph costume comes with a non-closing closure, allowing it to be very easy to put on.

It is a product that is recommended for that of adults.


  • The cosplay outfit is perfect for any holiday or event. Ideal for a birthday.
  • The costume brings details to make you look more muscular, making it ideal for slim people.
  • Accessories are easy to put on and take off.


  • Although the wreck it ralph outfit has many details, it will not make you look exactly like Ralph.
  • The washing machine cannot be washed since the outfit can be damaged.


Whether it is for conventions, for a children’s party, or for any type of event or holiday.

Going dressed up in wreck it ralph cosplay is an excellent option to stand out and make everyone smile.

The wonderful character of Ralph has brought more than one smile to us. His personality contrasts with his outfit.

With the Vanellope Wreck It Ralph costume, we are sure that you will achieve the same effect in the people who see you.

It is the quintessential costume to brighten the day for any child who loves the movie and its characters.

Not only will you look fun and great but the Ralph outfit will give you the opportunity to stand out above the rest.

Most people think of cosplay as a superhero, dare to be more ingenious and creative, and surprise everyone with a ralph cosplay.

We guarantee that you will be the center of attention. There is no better costume than this.

Put on the Vanellope Wreck It Ralph costume and destroy everything in your path with fun and style.

Become that wonderful character who was destined to be a villain, but ended up being the hero of history and of our hearts.

Advice And Tips:

  • Be very careful when trying to fix the wig and false eyebrows
  • If the Vanellope Wreck It Ralph costume is going to be used by a child, try to fix the accessories very well.
  • If you want to wash the Ralph outfit, do not put it in the washing machine, you can damage the outfit.

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