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Art3mis: DIY Cosplay Guide

Get ready to explore virtual worlds with an Art3mis costume for your next Halloween party or cosplay convention with our DIY cosplay guide.

In Ready Player One, Art3mis is a brave, independent and beautiful avatar in the virtual-reality game OASIS. She is controlled by Samantha Cook, a teenage girl who grew up in the Canadian city of Vancouver who befriends fellow gunter Wade Watts. Art3mis tells Wade that she doesn’t believe in online romance, but as usual in the wonderful and complex world of OASIS, anything is possible.

Check out the links below to learn how to dress like Art3mis for cosplay or Halloween.

Art3mis Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Art3mis from Ready Player One


The Art3mis avatar has stylish spiky red hair brushed to one side. This somewhat resembles the real Samantha Cook in terms of her personality, but it’s much more wild and daring.

You can nail down this awesome look yourself by either dying and styling your own hair or wearing a red wig. Use hairspray to add extra volume and form the thick spikes.

If you want Samantha Cook’s hair instead, use a longer shoulder-length sandy brown wig.


Art3mis has a very memorable facial appearance which includes wide almond-shaped green eyes, thick styled eyebrows, pale pink skin with a speckled pattern, dark blue eye shadow in angular points and dark mauve lipstick.

View a makeup tutorial video if you want to master the look of Art3mis’s face, or use photos of the character for inspiration.


Art3mis wears a few noticeable outfits in the film. This includes a gray, yellow and black robotic bodysuit with a glowing orange serial number on the front, a red leather jacket and a black tank top with a red firework symbol and matching black jeans with silver studs along the waist.

If you’d rather stay human and dress up as the girl behind the avatar, Samantha Cook, search retail websites like Amazon for her blue tank top, pale turquoise sweatshirt and blue washed-out jeans.


To complete your Art3mis costume, you’ll need a few accessories including her large black machine gun, her black combat boots. If you’re planning on also dressing up as Art3mis’s human counterpart, Samantha, then wear a virtual-reality headset that every OASIS player wears while they’re engaged in the game.

Get a friend to dress up as Wade Watts so you can both hit up your next cosplay convention or Halloween scene in style!

About Samantha Cook / Art3mis


No one ever looks anything like their avatar.

Art3mis in Action