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Futurama’s Fry Costume: DIY Guide

Philip J. Fry, known as just the nickname “Fry” by his friends, begins his role on the hit sci-fi cartoon series ‘Futurama’ as a hapless fast food delivery boy at a pizza joint. After being rudely dumped by his ex-girlfriend, he spends his New Year in 2000 alone and feeling lost and tired of everything – but his sad life takes a turn for the wild and adventurous after he ends up cryogenically frozen and woken up hundreds of years in the future!

A native New Yorker at heart, Fry is outgoing, funny, likes a good party but loves his wacky group of friends even more. There’s no better choice for fans of the show who are looking for a quick, fun, easily recognizable costume.

Check out the links below to make your own DIY Fry from Futurama costume for cosplay or Halloween!

Philip J. Fry Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Fry from ‘Futurama’


Fry has bright orange shaggy hair in a wild, spiky pompadour which. He’s a slacker and proud of it, so his bad case of bedhead has become his trademark look. To get this for yourself, you can either wear a bright orange wig or dye your hair orange and style it with gel.

Check out online costume websites or a local party store to find a good wig, and cut it to look just like Fry’s. Make sure it’s got big chunky spikes in the front! You can use hairspray to help keep it looking its best.


Fry’s a simple kind of guy and his clothing reflects this. It’ll definitely make your costume planning much easier! All you need is a white t-shirt, faded denim blue jeans and an oversized red hoodie. This look never goes out of style!

Check various online clothing websites and local retailers or thrift stores to gather up all the makings for Fry’s clothes. Whatever you do, don’t iron them – Fry’s rumpled, messy look is all part of his personality and no Fry costume would be complete without it!


Fry wears basic black sneakers. Any pair will do but to give your costume a more authentic look, get a pair with gray rubber bottoms and white laces. You can buy white shoelaces and lace them yourself if you can’t find shoes with pre-laced white strings.

Check both online and local shoe stores to find a pair you like, but remember to measure your foot size first so you get shoes that fit you!


Fry is a pizza delivery boy, he has been since 2000 when his life was still stuck in a rut, and even in the future he can’t give it up. Working aboard a real spaceship called the Planet Express, his job is now galaxy-wide!

You can give your Fry costume an extra kick by ordering a large pizza with all the fixings from your favorite pizza shop and take it with you to your party! Your friends will definitely thank you for delivering the food and fun along with your costume!

About Fry from Futurama


“What’s so far-fetched about mermaids? There’s all kinds of weird sea creatures here in the future, like Dr. Zoidberg!

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