Adam & Barbara Maitland Costume Guide

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Adam & Barbara Maitland Costume Guide

Adam & Barbara Maitland Costume: DIY Guide

Even after over thirty years, the 1988 supernatural comedy flick Beetlejuice remains an enduring classic. Adam and Barbara Maitland are two of its most endearing characters. This old-fashioned couple with down-to-earth values are the kindest people you could ever hope to meet – the trouble is, they’re dead! After getting killed in a tragic accident when their car crashes off the side of a covered bridge, before they can even say “rest in peace”, a family of artistic yuppie New Yorkers has moved in and started revamping their house!

Their only hope is Lydia Deetz, the lonely and bored goth daughter who doesn’t want the old house to change any more than they do. This is one drop dead awesome couples costume that is sure to make to leave a lasting impression at your next party or convention!

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Adam Maitland Costume Guide

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Adam & Barbara Maitland Costume Breakdown

Scary Faces!

Adam and Barbara might look pretty normal for the most part, but in one of the most iconic scenes of the film, they attempt to scare their foes silly by making creepy faces – as in, grotesque, deformed faces!

You can easily get this effect with masks. For Adam’s face, use a beige plague doctor mask. You can find a plague doctor mask online through most costume websites, or buy one at a local Halloween store. Adam also has a rooster-like beige crest atop his head along with the scary face. You can tape, staple or glue a beige rubber glove or the fingers from a fake hand to the top of your mask.

Of course, if you prefer a simpler version of Adam, you can wear thick glasses and a brown wig and keep your normal face on. Use fake 1980’s nerd glasses and search for these and your wig at any Halloween store.

For Barbara’s scary face, she has a large open bird-like mouth complete with a rim of white teeth and two green eyeballs sitting on the tip of her tongue. You can use a Halloween mask and glue fake eyeballs to it, or use paper mache paint to make your own creepy Barbara Maitland mask.

For the normal Barbara look, wear basic black mascara and a curly brown 1980’s wig, or style your own hair in a retro up-do. Check online for a good mask and wig, browsing costume websites and Halloween stores.

Adam’s Shirt & Barbara’s Dress:

Adam wears a simple black-and-white plaid flannel shirt and beige banker pants.

Barbara wears a faded yellow dress with a long skirt and a floral pattern on it. They dress like they fell right out of a rural painting!

You can find these clothes online or at your local thrift stores and costume shops.


Don’t forget their handbook and fake eyeballs from the scenes in the film! Adam has fake eyeballs on his fingers and Barbara carries a spooky old book titled “Handbook for the Recently Deceased”. You can make these items yourself or order them from online retailers like Amazon and Etsy for the perfect replica book.

About Adam & Barbara Maitland


We’re not completely helpless, Barbara. I’ve been reading that book and there’s a word for people in our situation: ghosts.

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