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The Greatest Showman Keala Settle This Is Me Cosplay Costume

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P.T. Barnum from The Greatest Showman: DIY Cosplay

In the recent dazzling musical film The Greatest Showman, P.T. Barnum is the flamboyant and savvy businessman whose extraordinary story is chronicled. Partly responsible for the famous Barnum and Bailey Circus, P.T. Barnum starts out from humble beginnings and at the back of his mind, his true love is still Charity, the young girl he grew up with and harbored a childhood crush on. Both historic and enchanting, this is a magical story, and now’s your chance to join in the circus fun with a P.T. Barnum costume of your own for your next convention or party!

See below to learn how make your own DIY P.T. Barnum costume for cosplay or Halloween.

P.T. Barnum Costume Ideas

The Greatest Showman Keala Settle This Is Me Cosplay Costume

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The Greatest Showman P.T. Barnum Cosplay Costume

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The Greatest Showman P.T. Barnum Cosplay Costume

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How to Dress Like P.T. Barnum from the Greatest Showman


P.T. Barnum wears a black shirt with a large and elegant gold pattern embroidered on the front. He also wears black dress pants, a white ascot and best of all, his vibrant red dress coat with a black folded collar, black cuffs and bright gold accents. This outfit is sure to impress anybody with its eye-catching style!

You can purchase the components to this costume outfit online from retail websites, or search costume websites and Halloween stores to search for replica outfits and circus clothes.

You can also use fabric to sew your own costume for an extra challenge.


To recreate the full effect of this historical circus mogul, you’ll need a few of his accessories. This includes his signature ringmaster black velvet top hat, his black cane and the gold medal he wears pinned to the collar of his coat.

You can buy top hats online from retail websites, costume shops and Halloween stores. Search accessories shops for a shiny black cane to carry with you, and for the gold medal, search costume shops and Halloween stores for a fake medal or gold pin to fasten to your coat.

You’ll also need a pair of polished black dress shoes. You can find these in any shoe shop, and while you’re at it, purchase a case of black shoe polish and a soft shoe brush so you can buff up your footwear to look just like P.T. Barnum’s!

Circus Family:

As the characters in The Greatest Showman express to P.T. Barnum, circus folk are part of a family and should stick together.

Round up your friends to dress up as other characters from The Greatest Showman like Charity, Phillip Carlyle, Tom Thumb and Anne Wheeler so you can all bring your circus family together at your next Halloween party or cosplay convention! Practice singing some of P.T. Barnum’s musical numbers from the film, too!

Costume Ideas

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