Aerith Cosplay Costume

Final Fantasy VII Remake FF7 Aerith Gainsborough Cosplay Costume

Final Fantasy VII Aerith Gainsborough Cosplay Costume

Aerith Cosplay Costume

Aerith, a name that brings back so many memories, so many emotions. For me, it’s reminiscent of the old times when I was a little bean, and playing video games was the scene. The Final Fantasy series made a huge impact the moment they came out bringing out brand new RPG elements never seen before. The characters surely make a huge part as to why the Final Fantasy series are as beloved and memorable as they are now and will continue to be in the future since Square’s got our backs. Among the many characters, Aerith Gainsborough stands out for sure as being one of if not the most memorable female character. This for sure makes Aerith cosplay costume a great deal to bring the old times back to reality.

Aerith Dress:

Final Fantasy Aerith Cosplay Weapon Prop

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Final Fantasy VII Remake FF7R Aerith Gainsborough Pink Maid Cosplay Costume Design by@Lino

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Aerith Gainsborough Dress

Final Fantasy VII was big, real big. It’s considered one of the best games in the franchise by a lot of fans and something that stood out way more than the billion of others that make the family complete. It featured Cloud Strife, of course. But it also featured someone who exhibited that kindness, manifested that warmth, and gave out that true raw medley of emotions that made her the apple of everyone’s eye in a heartbeat.

I’ve seen a lot and I mean a LOT of fans when it comes to the character. All this surely makes Aerith cosplay outfit a good pick and something that would surely fill the conventions and expos with nostalgia and a good old feeling of the good times.

Aerith Gainsborough Costume Features:

We have what Final Fantasy VII fans consider one of the best cosplay costumes ever designed in all of video game history. Aeris cosplay girls outfit, the moment we saw the character was something that stood out very well and added to the appeal of the character in addition to all she had to offer. The outfit was in a word beautiful in its entirety and her appearance surely made us smile every time. The Aerith cosplay outfit right here comes up with everything from the video game and includes:

  • The red upper that goes well with the pink princess outfit making it a red and pink combo that surely beats the pink and white that’s been praised and appreciated all these times.
  • All the buttons and the zips are in their perfect places making it as close to the video game as it gets.
  • The straps on the ends are artistic while true to the aesthetic of the character adding more and more to the appeal of the character.
  • The belt-like strap serves to wrap you inside the outfit making you the perfect present for the world to look at.


  • The exact Aerith costume from the video game that’s made our childhood the way it is.
  • All the details are copied really well making us confused as if we’re inside the video game or not.
  • The colors blend in really well with each other making it look like a combo that serves as a delightful sight to look at.


  • It might be uncomfortable for some people not familiar with these kinds of outfits.
  • The straps might be tight at times making you feel uneasy.


If you’re a Final Fantasy fan who like myself consider Final Fantasy VII as one of the best games ever made, this is for you. There’s literally everything in one place making you look nowhere else but at the Aerith Dress only. It makes a hot pick for any convention or expo since for sure we’ve Final Fantasy fans in every corner of the universe at this point.

Even at E3, you can dress up in this Aerith cosplay outfit and become the star of the show since I’m sure Square would want you as their new mascot. Theme days can benefit a lot from this Aeris cosplay suit since it’s got that simplistic feel while being artistic and grandeur at the same time. Even walking around casually, I’m sure it goes well with that since it’s much like a simple outfit but has got much more than what meets the eye.

Aerith Gainsborough Boots:

Final Fantasy Aerith Boots Custom Made

We’re talking about completion, perfection, cause that’s what a Von Karma strives for lol. No, but seriously if you’re looking forward to taking things to the next level and get the perfect picture, get the boots as well.

It’ll make your Aeris cosplay costume complete and go one step further towards perfection making it look closer and closer to the video game version. The shoes keep the same feel from the video game that made us want to get a pair in the first place since it was something so unique and beautiful at the same time. Make the picture complete, the puzzle solved with the boots that go hand in hand with the Aerith Gainsborough outfit.

Aerith Makeup Tutorial:

Aerith dress is beautiful, sure I agree with you completely. But you know what makes her so cute and attractive and adds up to her charm the most? Her beautiful face. This is where the makeup comes in to save the day. Here is a youtube tutorial to get you armed and ready to get that look that even had Cloud fazed at times. It’s pretty simple and easy to get on board with since it’s pretty self-explanatory and something that you can watch only once and it’d be sufficient to pull off the perfect Aeris Gainsborough look.

Aerith Gainsborough Personality:

Aerith Gainsborough is like a goddess brought to life in the form of a girl. She’s kind and is looking out for others all the time. She’s literally the girl we’re told about in those fairy tales and fantasies, the ones you fall in love with instantly. She carries around flowers while being the most beautiful one herself, making those things of beauty look bland compared to her. A soul so pure, a heart of gold, she’s someone you want to protect and be together with for an eternity. I’m kind of sad she’s a fictional character cause she’s so perfect, someone I’d chase the world around for sure.

Aeris Cosplay Advice And Tips:

Make sure to try out the Aerith suit prior to the occasion to have a feel of the outfit in order to keep the mishappenings to a minimum. Moreover, make sure to get flowers and especially the ones that match her personality since it’d make the Aerith cosplay costume stand out more and more. Get the hair in place as well and you’ll surely get the best Aeris cosplay costume to date.

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