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Cloud Strife Cosplay Costume Guide From Final Fantasy VII

Cloud Strife, a character that made hairstyles a thing.  The Cloud Strife cosplay costume is surely something. Anime hairstyles in particular were made popular by the guy. A character who’s game is probably the best. Of course, when it comes to the Final Fantasy series.





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Cloud Strife Costume:

Cloud Strife costume since the beginning has been something everyone loved. It’s like this costume no one can get his/her eyes off of. Whether you’re a video game fan or an anime one, you know him.

That’s just how big Cloud Strife cosplay suit is. It’s a perfect fit for all the conventions and expos. Even the gamecon festivals can have some of it to liven things up.


Here we have the Cloud Strife cosplay costume straight from the video game. It’s like the original one, staying true to the roots. But at the same time the Advent Children touches can be noticed right away. It’s like a perfect deal.

An all in one for sure.

The Cloud Final Fantasy Costume comes along with:

  • The black Zipper of an upper which made it a thing back in the day. It keeps the cool look while giving him a mature appearance. A lot going on at the same time. Moreover, the color is captured perfectly.
  • The latex above it with the various straps. That in my opinion is the main course or the big part. That’s what makes Cloud Strife cosplay costume what it is. It gives it that look. The look in particular that made us fall in love. Fall in love with it in the first place.


  • The exact Cloud Strife cosplay costume from the video game.
  • The colors are perfectly where they were meant to be.


  • The latex look is there but not the way it was in the movie.


Final Fantasy VII to date is one of the best. One of the best video games let alone in that particular franchise. It’s something that’s been there, always at the top.

Everything was done so perfectly. All that surely makes Cloud Strife outfit a big thing. Whether it’s a convention or an expo, this thing can go along with it. It’s got everything that’s required to make a good cosplay costume.

With the newly remastered version of the video game, this is the perfect thing. This is something that’s still hot and is the talk of the town. This surely makes it something everyone would be looking out for. Even the game fest can see a bit of it since it’d be full of the same fans.

Cloud Strife Sword:

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The best sword to ever exist. I remember how everyone was super into it the moment it came out. It was such a new design and everything. Like so big and he swings it like that. It was only after growing up that we came to know that it’s heavy. Only Cloud can wield it. But see, now we got our chance.

It’s the only shot you’ll ever get at waving that thing around. You’re sure to come off as super strong. Get ready to get a lot of attention.

Cloud Strife Boots:

The boots are a must. They’re required if you’re pulling off the Cloud Strife costume cosplay. They make it complete in more ways than just one. It’s something that’s like the finishing touch.

The boots are stylish while cool at the same time. They bring in that look. That particular one with which we fell in love since day one.

Cloud Strife Cosplay Advice and Tips:

Make sure to try out the Cloud Strife cosplay costume prior to anything. It’d make you better suited and more comfortable. Moreover, be sure to run around in the boots. Do some signature omnislashes with the sword. You’re sure to get people confused as if it’s the real Cloud from the game or not.

The Cloud Final Fantasy cosplay costume is sure to bring in a lot of attention. Try to memorize some of his signature lines as well. This will truly put you out there as the biggest fan. And that’d be a great thing. Don’t start a fan war out there though.

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