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Al Bundy Costume Guide

Al Bundy DIY Costume Guide
Learn how to dress like Al Bundy from Married With Children

Al Bundy is the unfortunate patriarch of the Bundy household. He’s the breadwinner of the family and doesn’t seem to mind too much…but certainly takes solace in his alone time watching Psycho Dad and lamenting the fact that he peaked in high school. 

Al Bundy looks exactly like a women’s shoes salesman from the early 90’s, which he is so it works. Pants, shirt, tie, politically incorrect t-shirt. Read on to learn how to become Al Bundy for your next convention or 90’s party. 

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How to Dress Like Al Bundy from Married With Children


Al’s mop is mousey brown and he’s rocking a receding hairline. He’s always trying something new to style it to hide the fact that he’s aging, but is rarely successful. You can probably just slick back your own hair, and that will work for Al, but if you’re feeling like going the extra mile you can hunt down a wig/skull cap combo online or at your local halloween store. 


Al is as plain as plain can be. A light blue oxford shirt combined with a pair of chocolate brown slacks, and a striped tie will work just fine. And don’t forget a sandy brown colored windbreaker. A pair of brown (or black if you’re feeling clashy) will complete the look. If you don’t already have these in your closet, all of these items are easily found at a local major retailer, second hand store, or online. 

For extra points, throw on a “NO MA’AM” t-shirt underneath your oxford. This piece would be a little tricky to make, so we recommend finding one online.