Peggy Bundy Costume Guide

peggy bundy costume

peggy bundy costume

Peggy Bundy Costume Guide

Peggy Bundy is the over-the-top wife to Al Bundy, the famous fictional couple from Married with Children. If it doesn’t seem like Peggy wants the children she’s married with, you read her right—she doesn’t! She’d rather gossip and watch her stories. Alas. Motherhood calls. Peggy has to answer. 

Peggy’s look marries comfort with 80s/90s fashion. She’s a ginger who wears a tight black tank top, tight high-waisted black pants, a flowy leopard print over shirt and a black patent leather belt around her natural waist. 

Check out our guide on becoming Peggy Bundy for your next convention or costume party!

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Items You Will Need:

  • Red Wig
  • Cheetah Print Shirt
  • Black Leggings

Peggy Bundy Costume Ideas

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Cosplay Examples

How to Dress Like Peggy Bundy from ‘Married with Children’


The higher the hair the closer to God, right? Peggy’s mop is red-auburn with bangs and styled down with a “bump.” If you’re not already rocking this super specific look, you can search for a wig that’s in the same vein as Peggy’s. And there you still have options—you can buy one pre-styled or just find an auburn wig and style it yourself!


Peggy’s outfit is pretty simple to achieve! You’ll be able to find everything in a major retailer near you or online if you don’t already have the pieces in your own wardrobe. 

Despite Peggy’s complex outlook on life, her outfits are quite simple! To become Peggy Bundy, start with a black spaghetti-strap tank top and add a pair of high-waited skin-tight black jeans. You could also use black leggings if you already have them. 

You’ll also need some leopard print. If you have something—use it! But if you don’t, you could comb through a local second hand store or search for the right piece online. A sheer, flowy overshirt will do, or a short-sleeve blazer! 


One of the defining accessories of the 80s and 90s is a wide black belt around your natural waist, so of course Peggy wore one. Hers is patent leather. You’ll definitely be able to find one locally or online. 

And for shoes? Anything strappy, chunky, and heeled will do.