All Might Costume: How To Cosplay Like All Might Hero

My Hero Academia Boku no Hero Akademia All Might Yellow Cosplay Wig

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All Might Costume How To Cosplay Like All Might Hero

The symbol of justice, All Might in the house. He’s been the new beacon of light since the debut of My Hero Academia. It’s like he’s the new powerhouse in the anime universe making us forget the previous ones. Just for an instant though. Cause everyone’s perfect in their own ways. All Might cosplay costume is a bit hard to pull off but hey, that’s why I’m here for.

I’ll help you with everything you need to become the symbol of justice himself. No promises on those smashes though. That depends on your own power levels at the end of the day.

All Might Costume Ideas

My Hero Academia Boku no Hero Akademia All Might Yellow Cosplay Wig

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My Hero Academia Boku no Hero Akademia All Might Cosplay Costume - A Edition

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My Hero Academia: Two Heroes Boku No Hero Akademia Allmight All Might Toshinori Yagi Cosplay Costume

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All Might Cosplay Costume:

It’s the All Might cosplay outfit itself. Straight out of the show, it copies all the details very well. It looks perfect to wear right away and start chanting those words. Those words that made everyone jump with excitement. Yes, I’m talking about, ‘Watashi ga Kita!!’. It makes a really good cosplay outfit for a lot of occasions. All Might outfit at it’s best.

It’s All Might’s attire that everyone loves and wants to fly around in. I don’t know why but that costume always reminds me of something. Like that hero, All Might attire is reminiscent of the US flag. I might be mad so don’t worry. The blue and red colors go so well with each other that it’s like they’re lovers. The pattern, the blend, the way those colors mix with each other, everything well done. It’s like a perfect replica of the All Might costume from the show.
This makes it the best thing to have for all the All Might fans out there. The yellow, how can we forget about that? It’s in the place it belongs to. The four colors are in perfect harmony and all the accessories make it a complete treat.


  • The revered All Might costume from the anime copied perfectly.
  • The whole thing in one place saving time and effort.
  • The quality looks good for the price as well.


  • The perfect All Might picture might not be there for no one’s that muscular.
  • The colors and the patterns may vary from the original.
  • It may be baggy for some people.


If you’re a Boku no Hero Academia fan and are looking for an All Might cosplay costume, look no further. This is the best thing you can get. The All Might outfit from the anime, all in one place. What more can one ask for now? Nothing. The colors to everything, all in their befitting places. It’s perfect to pull off to a convention. An expo works too. Even those college themed days that you have a hard time deciding on.

This All Might costume is the solution to all those problems. You can even do your own video.
A live-action with some friends being the other characters. I’m sure it’ll blow up since Boku no hero Academia is all over the internet now. It’s the best bet you All Might fans can ever get. Literally the best shot you have to pull off an All Might cosplay.

All Might costume From My Hero Academia Movie:

It’s the All Might costume from the My hero academia movie itself. The movie being Two Heroes. We all loved that movie right. It’s perfect to do a superHero cosplay in this since it’s hot and fresh. A lot of conventions are coming up and people would surely go for the normal attire. The normal All Might outfit that he usually wears. So this makes this a perfect opportunity for you to look different. Difference makes the difference.

It’s the All Might outfit wore in the movie. The outfit he designed himself being part of the hero academics. We’ve all seen how the new kids designed their own outfits. It’s the same for All Might was once a kid as well. Hard to imagine right? It’s the All Might costume he pops out off amidst those explosion flames that enveloped him. Such a cool entrance. It’s same yet so different from the regular costume he wears. The new color blend is like a breath of fresh air and gives us something new. Change is always good.

The new color of the cape is really cool as well. It makes one feel younger too. The forearms guards and the belt are copied so well that it’s almost unreal. I love the way it comes with all the accessories. A perfect ‘one for all’ package in itself. This makes it the perfect treat for all the new movie fans.
Yes, I’m talking to you people who flew to another country just to watch the screening. Fandom at it’s finest which is pretty cool in my opinion.


  • The new look gives a different impression.
  • The cape comes with it making it the complete deal.
  • Even the slightest of details are paid attention to.


  • It might be difficult to walk around with your cape brooming the floor.
  • It might be tight at the waist area if you’re flabby.


If you’re an All Might fan that was bewitched by how dope the new movie was, this is for you. This is the perfect thing you can treat yourself for sure. A lot of people would be turning up in the regular All Might. The original outfit to all these conventions and expos. This makes a perfect opportunity to stand out now, doesn’t it? Plus you can hang around the city with your friend named Dave.

A perfect live-action right away. The cosplay conventions and expos would pummel you to the ground with all those pictures and poses. The best thing about these My Hero Academia outfits is that they’re superhero outfits. You can even surprise and make a kid’s day by dressing up in one to a birthday party. I can only imagine how happy and delighted the child would be. It’s perfect for so many opportunities.

All Might cosplay outfit is pretty convenient and an all-rounder now that I think of it. It makes a delightful experience for both you and the other people. Heroes are real. You’ll be the living example of that very line.

All Might boots:

The coolest shoes from the anime universe are here. I’ve always thought that whenever I looked at them since the Hero Academia debut. The yellow and red go so well with each other. It reminds me of that delicious omolette rice from a bunch of anime that makes me want to munch away my screen. The white amidst the yellow and red go as if they’re made for each other.

The blend is perfect in all means. The best thing about them is that they look really easy to walk around in. Even run while carrying the hostages around, playing hero academia in real life. They go hand in hand with the outfit, making it complete as well.

The All Might cosplay is complete with these and they serve as the bottom, the tires of the vehicle. You might feel something new wearing them since they’re not like regular shoes at all. But wearing that makes you the symbol of justice for sure. Have pride in that and yourself.

Makeup Tutorial:

We have to give the finishing touches to our cosplay now. This serves as the nail in the coffin. With this, our Hero cosplay outfit is complete in the best way possible. The makeup isn’t much since All Might ain’t that beauty queen in the anime.

That’s good you know. It saves us a lot of time and effort. The video is a perfect lesson and makes it so easy to do everything. It’s explained and done in the easiest way possible, making a glimpse enough. I assure you that watching it once would guarantee a perfect Hero. If you’re short on time, you can even pull it off on your way.

It’s so easy and so quick to do that it’s almost funny. Don’t miss out on it though, it’ll make the All Might cosplay way too better and give it the closest look to the anime.

All Might Cosplay Advice And Tips:

Be sure to wear the All Might cosplay outfit and walk around in it prior to that. This will give you a feel of the whole thing and would make it pretty easy and natural. The makeup is a must and you should follow the video in that respect since it’s the best in that domain. The Hair should be adjusted from time to time to give it the anime look. Follow all these steps and you’re sure to pull off the best All Might costume of all time.