Amazing 30 Male Cosplay Ideas You Should Try One Of Them

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Amazing 30 Male Cosplay Ideas You Should Try One Of Them

There are many amazing characters for male cosplay from video games, TV shows, comics, and animes. These amazing characters will make a very powerful impact on cosplay conventions and you will be the center of attention.

Boys always want their cosplay to be intimidating, rude, and masculine so they add many weapons like guns, swords, kunais, and shurikens to perform some choreography.

Let’s see how many amazing options you have to look amazing and impress everyone with your costumes, which you can make by yourself or buy from amazing Male cosplay stores.

1-Hollow knight Cosplay:

From the video game Hollow Knight this amazing Hollow knight cosplay idea will make you look intimidating.

You will need a black or red robe and make the hollow mask in white color, you can even customize them and make your own version of their horns, add some weapon to look even cooler.

2-Dark Link Cosplay:

From The Legend of Zelda video game, Dark link cosplay is one of the most popular ideas.

You will need an amazing set of shield and sword to combine on, make good work with the black costume or buy one from the stores, where you can find endless options. You can also paint your skin to look more similar to the character.

3-Skyrim Cosplay:

There are plenty of characters from this amazing game that you can impersonate, try the one you like the most, be sure to make an impressive armor and add some details, a detailed Male cosplay is more relevant, play with the helmet and add some horns to look badass. You can always carry a gigantic sword to complete the look.

4-Cyberpunk Cosplay:

If you are looking for a futuristic look, a cyberpunk 2077 one will make It for you, you can use some black leather clothes and look badass, the guns with this Male cosplay are very important and you can add some cyber details to your costume, like a robot arm, it is up to you to shine with this Male cosplay.

5-Iron man Cosplay:

The Marvel’s favorite hero for many boys is one of the most eccentric cosplays but it is also one of the most relevant, you will look amazing in that red and yellow armor, add some lights to your costume and practice your poses, many people will surely you ask for some pictures. It is a safe option to shine.


6-Nightwing Cosplay:

Cosplays boys will make everything to look amazing this includes a Nightwing dress-up, you will need a black body and get some materials to look muscular if you are not already, get your black mask and go to fight crime, you can opt for the blue or red version of this costume to look fly.

7-Geralt Cosplay:

Geralt de Rivia known as the Witcher has gained popularity since his last appearance on Netflix’s show The Witcher, Geralt has many clothes you can choose whichever you like the most, but do not forget to get the yellow contact lenses and the long platinum hair which is his insignia, Toss a coin to your witcher!

8-Narancia Cosplay:

One of the JoJo’s Bizarre adventure characters which many boys want to play, you will look seductive for sure, combine a black leather top with a black legging and combine them with a yellow or orange skirt and bandana, also get a midterm long black wig to make it even more flawless.

9-Zuko Cosplay:

From nickelodeon’s Avatar the Last Airbender this is one of the most masculine cosplays ever, it combines a traditional red and yellow kimono, which looks badass, you can also use some armor. To look more like Zuko, you must paint his face burn to make it more realistic.

10-Joker persona 5 Cosplay:

Joker persona 5 costume is very popular among video games culture, it consists on a long black coat with a big neck, red gloves, and a white mask, you can combine it with a gray shirt and square patterned pair of pants, you will handsome and intriguing like the character itself.

11-Deadpool cosplay

This irreverent antihero is the dream of some cosplayers, Marvel did an amazing job by portraying one of the most iconic characters in the industry, you can find very good quality costumes made in spandex to look exactly like him, add some guns and swords and go to save the world or do not.

12-Wolverine Cosplay:

The favorite X-Men hero is made for muscular guys, all you will need is a green pair of pants and a white sleeveless shirt, comb your hair as the character and make sure to find some items that look like their metal claws to be ready.

13-Aniki From The Power Rangers:

From a classical TV show, the power rangers are timeless you can buy very good costumes online or your local cosplay shop, there are many color options to choose like blue, white, green, black, and the favorite the red ranger, there are also a lot of variations for this costume, choose whichever you like the most.

14-Thor Cosplay:

The Asgardian God is a favorite for almost every Marvel’s fan this Male cosplay requires the strength to carry on, you will need a long hair blonde wig, a good vest or armor and the indispensable Thor’s hammer that is the characters insignia but you can also choose the Stormbreaker, get ready to fight the evil with the avengers.

15- Halo Cosplay:

What is better to look like a cybernetic warrior from another planet, with this cosplay you will achieve that, the amazing thing about this costume is that you are free to make you unique version to resemblance the game, or you can get one on the stores, you will look masculine and ready to war.

16- Gundam :

The best Mecha anime ever created for some fans is until this day a favorite, create a fabulous robot Male cosplay by yourself and add some weapons and wings to look amazing at the convention, if you are going for a Gundam cosplay you cannot fail in the process to get all the attention.

17- Sheik Cosplay:

From The Legend of Zelda ocarina of time game, this character has become popular among the enthusiast cosplayers, it has many details to offer to the public, get a spandex black body, make the vest and get the blonde hair, with some bandanas or any wool clothes you will be able to make the hat.

18-Thanos Cosplay:

The infamous Marvel’s titan, known by killing all our favorites characters on avengers infinity war, this cosplay is harder to display you will need to make an enormous costume to make it look real, the contrast between purple and gold will make it visually stunning, add the infinity gauntlet and look amazing.

19-Fat Thor Cosplay:

It is a fun version of our favorite Asgardian God, which has gained many exposures from the movie avengers endgame, This Male cosplay is relatable for many cosplayers and a good way to express their humor, all you will need is some hipster clothes, a blonde wig, and something so simulate a fat belly if you do not have one.

20-Sonic :

There are many ways to cosplay Sonic the hedgehog the main character of SEGA’s classic game, you can buy a big fluffy complete costume from a shop and look just like a big version of the hedgehog or you can always use a blue body, with a blue wig with ears similar to him and it will look awesome.

21-Genos cosplay:

One of the most amazing characters from One Punch Man is here to stay. This in a superb option to cosplay because it is easy to recreate and look exactly the same, you need a black pair of pants, a white t-shirt and focus on the mechanical arms that will complete the look, also you must grab a blonde wig.

22-Ciel phantomhive :

One of the latest favorites, this Kuroshitsuji character is for those who want to look elegant and classy, but also somewhat androgynous. You will need a costume, which look like a male maid and add a black big cloak, the look is not complete until you find your gray wig and his eye patch.

23-Broly Cosplay:

The legendary Super Saiyan from Dragon Ball Z is a very masculine cosplay; you should decide which version of this character you want to portrait, to make your look, it is helpful to be a muscular person because it is a shirtless cosplay and you will display your attributes to the audience.

24- Mysterio Cosplay:

This villain from Marvel’s universe became more popular since its apparition in Spiderman’s far from home movie.

You will need a costume, which includes his vest and trousers with a big and long red cloak, and to complete the costume you will need the head sphere which is iconic of this character.

25- Bill cipher :

The main villain from Gravity falls is another fan favorite, you will need to have a bit of imagination to make this costume work, you need some black pair of pants, hat and bow and combine it a yellow vest and cloak, it will be a surprise for all this series fans.

26- Beast Boy Cosplay:

From teen titans this is a DC favorite, you can buy its clothes on any cosplay store and get ready to paint of green all your body, complete the look with an outstanding green wig and get ready to know the raven of your life.

27-Assassin’s Creed :

From the video games to the movie theater this franchise has got their fans asking for more, that is why some cosplay boys like to interpret some of its characters.

Their full of mystery and look really amazing, get the costume and do not forget to hold a sword when you bring it on.

28-Pillar men :

The pillar men other favorites from JoJo’s Bizarre adventure, you must be very brave to carry out this cosplay because you will be half naked, if you have an amazing body and you want to show it this is definitely the cosplay for you.

29-Venom Cosplay:

This Spiderman’s villain if one of the most iconic cosplays ever, you will find very well elaborated spandex costumes to recreate this villain on cosplay stores.

There are plenty of versions of this villain but we will always prefer the original one, get ready to shoot some webs.

30-Hellboy Cosplay:

Undoubtedly, a favorite for many people, Hellboy has gained its fame as one of the most important characters from video games and movies; this red giant from hell is one of the best cosplay to do if you are looking to be intimidating, savage, and energetic.

To recreate this demo look you will need a large khaki coat, his iconic goggles, a massive weapon, and the most important thing you need to paint all your body of a red.

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