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Android 17 Cosplay Costume

Android 17 is for sure one of the coolest characters in the Dragon Ball z anime series. The Android 17 cosplay costume is something else. Ever since he was introduced he had that aura, that vibe about him. One that made him invincible and impeccable when it came to almost everything. Even moving on to the Super saga, we saw a new look to him.

A look that was surely not disappointing. It brought a lot more for the viewers instead. This surely makes the Android 17 costume one to look out for.





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The cosplay costume comes with a black shirt, a white shirt, an orange scarf, a pair of leg warmers, and 2 waist belts with 3 pouches.


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Android 17 Costume:

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Let’s hop right into the time machine. Of course the one Trunks uses and go ahead in time. Exactly where Dragon Ball Super starts. As the episodes go by we see new and returning characters. But we see one that went on and changed a lot. But even in the process, remained the same at heart.

Android 17 even in Super had that going on about him. But he was a completely different character. This made us see a side to him we never could have accepted. This makes the modern, the new one come quite handy. The Dragon Ball Super Android 17 outfit is surely a treat for everyone.


Here we have the exact Android 17 costume from the Dragon Ball z anime. One that brought the whole anime feel back to life. It revived a show that we grew up with. A show that the generations to come would surely be feasting their eyes on. He has always been the badass character. This surely makes him stand out from the rest.

The only one that comes close to her is his beautiful sister Android 18. They are the perfect twins one can see in anime. The Dragon Ball Z version of the Android 17 cosplay costume is here. The one he kicked Gero’s head off in. It has a lot to it such as:

  • To start things off we have the black shirt. It’s simple yet vibrant since it makes the character look bland. But in combat things say otherwise.
  • The white sleeves that give a perfect blend of the black and white.
  • The orange scarf that makes him look like he’s trying out some fashion.
  • The belt that’s their for him to keep his accessories. I’m sure he has none when it comes to that.
  • The jeans that have that tattered look on the left leg. 17 sure is trying now isn’t he?
  • The light green at the bottom of the jeans that bring the character to life.


  • The exact cosplay costume from the Dragon Ball z anime.
  • The accessories are all there saving you a lot of time and effort.
  • The original look of the character is here for everyone to see.


  • The scarf might not go with everyone.
  • It might not be friendly with the washing machine dates.


We’re all Dragon Ball Z fans. There’s not a single person who doesn’t vibe with it. A multitude of characters to choose from. We have a lot on the table. But even in those some stand out clearly compared to the rest. Android 17 is definitely one of them.

Ever since he came out of the pod, he had that thing about him. Like he’s ready to destroy everything there is. He surely brought those words to life soon enough. The cosplay Android 17 costume is surely one to make your day.

Everything is copied perfectly from the anime. This makes it one of a kind. It truly makes it something everyone would enjoy and want. If you have a convention or an expo, this is surely the thing to go for. It’ll bring the nostalgia back to life. To do one for old time’s sake.

Android 17 Mir Sweatshirt�?:

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Dragon Ball Super truly gave us a new 17 look. It made him look a bit more friendly and less intimidating. But at the same time that voice. That voice made us think otherwise. The voice was real forceful yet real calm and composed. This gave him a new look and personality.

This version of the Android 17 costume is also something great. It can bring those Dragon Ball Super feels. The feels, back for everyone to experience once again. This makes the Android 17 cosplay one to treat yourself with.

Android 17 Shoes:

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Let’s travel back in time with this. We’re in Dragon Ball Z and Gero just released the androids. As excited he was having his victory in sight, things didn’t go that way. The moment he hopped out, he kicked his head off. Everyone remembers that clearly. It made Android 17 as a character. The shoes are straight out of that scene.

The shoes are a must with the anime cosplay costumes. They are something that will make it complete. Something that will make it perfect. The shoes have that slick look to them. A look that makes them look stylish as well.

cosplay Advice and Tips:

Make sure to try out the Android 17 cosplay costume beforehand. It will make you have a feel of the cosplay outfit. This will prevent a lot of mishappenings if any. Try running around in the shoes since they’ll be something new. Practice all the accessories beforehand. Surely you’ll pull off the best cosplay out there.

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