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Best 20 Male Cosplay Costumes Ideas From Anime 2020

It is hard to try to make the best cosplay among so many options and anime to do. Besides, making a cosplay about any anime involves more things that just a costume. A cosplay costume tries to replicate the details of the characters. For this reason, we bring you the best 20 male cosplay ideas from anime 2020.

1-Deku Cosplay Costume:

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Deku cosplay costume is one of the most popular in the anime conventions. This Izuku Midoriya costume is the gamma suit.

The Deku costume includes one top with a detachable hood with ears to wear it any way you like. Besides, with this Deku Outfit, you will have the knee pads and gloves characteristic of the Midoriya fight suit.

If you are a cosplayer and want to make the best Male cosplay, this Deku costume is your best option. A unique feature is the Midoriya suit respirator that is like the one that Deku uses. This My Hero Academia outfit is made of Knitted fabric and the belts of Pu elastic leather for your comfort.

2-Kujo Jotaro Cosplay Costume:

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Every fan of Jojo anime knows Kujo Jotaro. He is very handsome and powerful, if you are a cosplayer, a Kujo Jotaro is your best option.

This is a very complete Kujo Jotaro outfit which includes his main elements. With this JoJo costume, you will have the coat, hat, shirt, pants, and belts for your Kujo Jotaro cosplay.

The most important of the Kujo Jotaro costume is the quality of the fabric. It is made of Pu leather and cotton. Besides, it includes the characteristic chain of Jotaro to you can add it to the costume. Both belts and had have all the details to look like the ones Jotaro uses in the JoJo anime.

3-Kaneki Cosplay Costume:

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The favorite character between the cosplayers or Tokyo Ghoul is Kaneki. It is easy to replicate the Kaneki cosplay outfit and more with this costume.

With the buy of this Kaneki costume, you will get a jumpsuit, shorts, and coat. Besides, the cloth is made of Uniform cloth and a pleather so you can feel comfortable.

The finish of this Tokyo Ghoul cosplay outfit is very good. The best of the Kaneki outfit is its simplicity. With this outfit, you do not have to spend a lot of money to get a complete outfit. You only have to complete this Kaneki costume with the mask and you will ready to go out.

4-Naruto Cosplay Costume:

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Naruto is loved by almost every single person. His suit is colorful and full of vitality. Besides, it is considered an easy cosplay.

This Naruto outfit is composed of the pants and the jacket like the ones Naruto uses in the anime. Both jacket and pants are of a shiny orange that looks like it’s fresh out of the anime.

This Naruto costume is an easy Male cosplay idea to make it real without complications. If you are new as a cosplayer, buy this Naruto cosplay outfit is a perfect choice. You will be ready in seconds and cause a good impression.

5-Shoto Todoroku Cosplay Costume:

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At many parties and conventions, cosplayers have preferred Boku no hero academia. But, one of the most incredible characters is Shoto Todoroku.

The Shoto Todoroku costume includes top and pants made of hoodie fabric. Besides, it also has the belt and combat vest of Todoroku.

To use this Shoto Todoroku cosplay outfit you do not have to lose thousands of hours. This is why the pants have an elastic waistband. Also, the top has a zipper very easy to use and it does not get stuck. The belt and the combat vest have a metallic finished very remarkable.

6-Tanjiro Cosplay Costume:

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If you are a cosplayer with more experience, you probably want to try something more complicated. Kamado Tanjiro cosplay from the Demon Slayer anime series is what you are looking for.

This Kamado Tanjiro costume has too many elements. It includes the pants, socks, top, coat, and belt. All the pieces are made of cotton and polyester. The quality is very high and related to the price.

It can be considered an easy dress up for too many people for the Japanese style of the cloth. All the characters of the Demon Slayer have a particular style full of solemnity and power. For this reason, to transmit the style of this anime buy this Tanjiro outfit is a good male cosplay idea.

7-All Might Cosplay Costume:

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Boku no hero academia win again. If you love this anime but you are a beginner, you do not worry. This is the best easy Male cosplay idea.

This All Might costume is a one-piece suit made of the elastic fabric of the highest quality. All the surface of the All Might outfit is painted to you can look like from My Hero Academia anime series.

With this My Hero Academia outfit, you do not have to worry about different elements at the same time. You only have to wear it and give it your personal touch. Besides, some parties and conventions are very long and this All Might costume is more comfortable than others.

8-Kakashi Cosplay Costume:

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What would be of Naruto without Kakashi? Despite, the fans of Naruto anime usually make a cosplay of him there are more characters.

This Hatake Kakashi costume has more elements than the outfit of Naruto. It includes pants and a shirt, vest, mask, headband, and throwing knives.

Unlike other Outfits, this Kakashi cosplay costume brings every element to make a complete role play. Besides, the cloth is very soft because it is made of cotton and lets your skin breathe. Also, it has the Kakashi Hatake logo in the shirt.

9- Joseph Joestar Cosplay Costume:

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Joseph Joestar is an amazing character of Jojo’s bizarre adventures. His way to look is simple but very attractive.

Despite this character is very gorgeous, it does not need so many accessories. To complete the Joseph Joestar cosplay this costume includes a jacket, pants, belt, inner shirt, hat, wristband, gloves, and shoe cover.

The fabric of the Joseph Joestar costume has a very high quality which is breathable. Besides, the colors of the fabric are very shinny and powerful. In this way, this quality makes the cloth looks best than others.

10-Hisoka Cosplay Costume:

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Hunter x Hunter is an anime with characters full of details on their suits. Inside of these characters, there was Hisoka, popular within the fandom.

This Hunter x Hunter outfit has too many elements to be as realistic as possible. With your investment, you can get the pants, inner shirt, best, shoe cover, and wristbands.

The Hisoka Cosplay costume is made of synthetic leather and poly blend. This kind of fabric gives the cloth a special glow that makes call the attention of everyone around.

11-Dabi Cosplay Costume:

417ZfTgLyL. SL500

Of course, Boku no hero academia also has supervillains, and Dabi is one of the greatest. Making a Dabi cosplay is a good Male cosplay idea for the way he looks.

The cloth is made of Pu leather. This Dabi costume is conformed for the pants, jacket, shirt, and belt. Besides, it includes stuffed sleeve cuffs similar to those of Dabi.

This villain is very particular for his attitude and style. The jacket of this My Hero Academia outfit has a lacing design to look like Dabi. The jacket also has a stitched design in the shoulders to you look rude as Dabi.

41mJHVJwooL. SL500

It is always important to remember the classics. There is nothing more classic and popular as Link, the character of Zelda.

It is a male cosplay costume which has a shirt, belts, and the hat. It is made of polyester and polyurethane. The green color of the tunic is very intense like in the videogame.

Nothing impresses more than a classic and Link is an easy cosplay idea. However, this Link outfit is also looking intrepid. It is an advantage of Zelda cosplay you can be rude and cute at the same time.

13-Goku Cosplay Costume:

416QKyvOVuL. SL500

Another classic male cosplay costume is Goku(Kakarot). Every man has seen Dragon Ball Z and knows who Goku looks.

With this Goku outfit, you can get orange pants with a top in orange and black. The whole Goku costume is made of cotton and polyester in a proportion of 65% and 35% respectively.�?

The best of this Goku outfit is that it includes the belt and the wristbands of Goku. Also, the top has the logos like Goku suit in Dragon Ball Z. Between cosplay, guys are a cloth very popular for being simple and classic.

14-Persona 5 Joker Suit :

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Some cosplayer prefers more elegant Male cosplay costumes. The Persona 5 Joker costume fulfills this feature.

The Persona 5 Joker cosplay suit is made of different fabrics including satin, PU leather, and uniform cloth. The cloth includes the coat, shirt, gloves, and mask of Joker.

The quality of this Persona 5 Joker suit is very high and similar to the anime. A remarkable feature of the costume is the length of the coat because it covers the ankles. Besides, the shirt and the coat have lines to make them more stylized.

15-Luffy Outfit:

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There are cosplay outfits for every like. This is why we bring you a cloth from one piece.

Monkey D Luffy is a character very simple to replicate for the cosplayer. With this One Piece costume, you will acquire the shorts, sash, and red jacket of Luffy.

The best part of this Luffy costume is that you don’t have to explain too much about your cosplay. Everyone could identify Luffy from the distance with this outfit. In this way, buying this Monkey D Luffy coplay outfit you will call the attention of everyone in the event.

16-Katsuki Bakugou�?Cosplay Costume:

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My Hero Academia is a perfect idea to make a cosplay for all its accessories. Katsuki Bakugo costume fight has many details to use in cosplay.

The Bakugou outfit is made of spandex, PU leather, and uniform cloth. This Katsuki Bakugo outfit includes the top, pants, eyemask, gauntlets, gloves, belt set, and neckpiece.

The best of this My Hero Academia outfit is that it is full of details to make your cosplay more like the original. Besides, the design of the gauntlets let you fill them with fluffy material as much as you want.

17-Vegeta Outfit:

31WC5CBpP6L. SL500

Goku from Dragon Ball z is not the only character to Dress up. Vegeta is also an amazing character to make it.

This Vegeta cosplay has a blue full-body jumpsuit as the central piece of the costume. Besides, it has a white and golden vest with muscle padding.

With this Vegeta outfit , you do not need to be a muscle man because it has fake muscles in the vest. It is very comfortable and flexible because it is made of polyester. Besides, the colors of the fabric are very intense.

18-Uchiha Sasuke Outfit:

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The appearance of Uchiha Sasuke is simple, but he looks very sober. Unique Naruto suit this does not have too much color.

This Uchiha Sasuke outfit is very comfortable because it is 100% cotton. The elements of the costume are the grey jacket, pants, apron, wristbands, and Sasuke rope.

The jacket has the Uchiha logo in the back that is a great detail that no all manufacturers add. Buying this suit, you do not need to buy too many extra things to complete the outfit. You only have to add sandals and a wig and you will be perfect.�?

19-Kirito Suit:

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Kirito has a very dark appearance with a black suit with white details. It is a great character to show a dark attitude.

The Kirito cosplay suit is made of cotton to guarantee you feel comfortable with the suit. It includes 6 pieces: the jacket, shirt, pants, belt, straps, and armor.

The with lines in the jacket and the armor are perfect and give to the suit a great finished. The length of the jacket is designed to cover your ankles; it does not matter how high you are.

20-Uchiha Itachi Akatsuki Robe:

To finish the top Uchiha Itachi cosplay is a great choice. The success of this cosplay is guaranteed for its accessories.

The Itachi costume has a cloak with 2 designs you can choose made of Akatsuki robe. It also includes 4 accessories: the necklace, ring, kunai, and head-band.

The most important of this Uchiha Itachi outfit is the clouds of the cloak that have a good finish. Also, accessories will let you have a better performance in your event.

It does not matter the occasion because with these 20 male cosplay ideas from anime 2020. Because with any of these costumes, you will be the center of the event without any problem.

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