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Bakugou Cosplay Costume Guide

Bakugo also is known as Katsuki Bakugo. It’s a character from the manga series My Hero Academia. In this manga series, Bakugo is one of the main characters whose enemy is Izuku Midoriya. To make the best Bakugou cosplay is important to pay attention to the details of his appearance since his blond hair reaches his boots.





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  My Hero Academia Bakugou Katsuki cosplay Shoes

1. Bakugou Cosplay Costume:


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For people who love My Hero Academia, this Bakugou cosplay costume is one of the best in the market. For a good price, it offers you a very complete custom with almost all the elements you need to impress everyone with your cosplay. Besides, the costume is very comfortable and allows your skin to breathe smoothly.

The Bakugou Hero costume includes almost all the elements needed so you can be the best Katsuki hero of all. It includes the pants and the top of Katsuki with a belt set. Besides, for the head, it provides an eye mask and headpiece to look exactly like him. As plus accessories, it also includes the neckpiece gloves, arm guards, and knees guards.

However, the most remarkable element of the Bakugou Hero outfit that cannot be missed is the gauntlets because it’s an indispensable feature of this character. The best part of these gauntlets is that they have elastic holes specially design to fit almost every arm.


  • High-quality cosplay costume.
  • Good price.
  • The costume comes in three different sizes, and it is soft and fluffy.


  • Unfortunately, This costume does not include the boots and the wig.
  • It is necessary to fill the gauntlets with cotton or newspapers to give them form.


Getting the best custom can be complicated and it is important to have all the necessary elements. This way, you can make the Bakugou cosplay outfit the closest to the character of My Hero Academy appearance. This character is very powerful and arrogant. For this reason, the custom has to look this way so you do not look like an amateur but as a real fan.

The best My Hero Academy fans and other manga series know all about the characters that people copy in their cosplays. For this reason, the custom has to be like a reflection of Katsuki . This custom is full of details and it is very comfortable to use. It is made of spandex that gives you enough mobility while you use the custom.

This way, you can make any pose and moves that Bakugou would do to impress all your friends. Everybody will want to take a picture with you in your Bakugou cosplay outfit at any party. Besides, this is the suit Bakugou uses to fight and it is going to let you make more fight moves of Katsuki.

Bakugou Uniform Outfit:

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If you love My Hero Academia, you have probably recognized this Bakugou costume. This custom is from Bakugou costume from ROLECOS which is an incredible cosplay custom brand. For a cheap price, you are going to have a coat and pants designed exactly as the gymnastic uniform of Katsuki.


  • The best thing about this Bakugou outfit is that it is made of stretch fabric, and this gives you a lot of mobility to use it.
  • The pants have an elastic waist that makes the pant fit perfectly to your body like the character in the manga.


  • Unfortunately, the costume does not include the boots that complete the Bakugou outfit.


Getting a great cosplay custom can be a little bit complicated, but there are simple ways to get an incredible custom with no complications. This way, the Bakugou cosplay outfit is the easiest way to look great in your conventions or party. You can impress without spend a lot of money or time looking for all the accessories.

With this custom, you are going to look exactly like the Katsuki hero in the gymnastic class. Besides, it is not only a simple Bakugou outfit because you can use it to any occasion. For example, you can go for a  run with the style of My Hero Academy. Another good feature this ROLECOS cosplay custom has is the big variety of sizes. It does not matter your size because they offer sizes for everybody, from S to XXL.

Katsuki Bakugou Boots:

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A Bakugou outfit cannot be fully ready without his boots. These boots are at a cheap price, Price change according to the size of the boots. The sole is made of rubber and the rest of the boots is made of feather. Its quality and comfort are very high and lets you resist the entire convention or party without any problem.

These boots are going to complete your custom and make you feel more in character. Most people forget about the boots, and their outfits look incomplete. For this reason, we do not have to worry about embarrassing ourselves in front of people. These boots have been full of details from the manga series to make this custom the best of all times.

Katsuki Bakugou Makeup:

Buying a custom is not enough to ensemble a great Kakugou outfit, makeup is important too. To highlight your factions as your eyebrows and eyelids you can use a dailism eyeshadow palette. Besides, as a plus element, you can use red contact lenses.

Katsuki Bakugou cosplay makeup – My hero academia

Bakugou Personality:

Since Bakugou discovered his quirk, everybody around him thought that was one of the best quirks ever. For this reason, he grew up believing he is the best of all, and developed an arrogant, aggressive, and rude personality.

Bakugou Cosplay Advice and Tips:

To create a big impact with your Katsuki cosplay custom, you should be a retailer to give to your characterization a real personification. You have to give to your wig the pointed style of Katsuki. The red contact lenses also add personality to the cosplay costume.

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