Bane Costume Guide

Batman:The Dark Knight Rises Bane Jacket Cosplay Costume

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Bane Costume Guide

In the thrilling conclusion to the Dark Knight Trilogy, Bane (played by Tom Hardy) is a supervillain who grew up in prison serving out the terms of his father’s sentence. He spent his youth studying and getting jacked in the prison gym. A bat has haunted his dreams since he was little, so Batman is a natural enemy for him and he spends his life trying to destroy him.

Bane suffers from an enormously painful injury which requires him to have a constant source of venom to numb the pain. This serum is constantly fed to him through the mask which obscures his face and gives him his dark and menacing appearance.

Bane’s Look in The Dark Knight Rises

Bane is an intimidating guy with an intimidating look. He’s a tactical supervillain. He’s covered in a layer of leather armor up top—not that he needs it, he’s a skilled fighter. He also wears black, tactical cargo pants and black combat boots. And he always wears a mask which helps numb his pain, but leaves him with a muffled (yet menacing) voice. Without the venom, the pain is too much. 

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Authentic Bane Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Bane from ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Becoming Bane: 

First things first, Bane is bald. If you aren’t and you don’t want to be, you’ll want to get a bald cap and the appropriate adhesives. (Make sure to research how to safely and comfortably remove it, too!) 


Bane is also constantly wearing a mask that pumps Venom, a pain mitigating agent, into him. Our guide includes a high quality Bane mask prop that is authentic to the movie. You can’t go without it—it’s what keeps Bane alive. 

Jacket & Tactical Vest:

He wears a green tactical vest—think US military meets Gotham and add brown leather. You won’t find something like this in a military surplus store, but you will find it online. He also wears leather fingerless gloves that reach up to the middle of this forearm. If it’s chilly you can wear a brown leather coat, since Bane doesn’t wear anything under his vest. 

His pants are black, tactical cargo pants and he wears black combat boots as well. You can find both of these at a military surplus store. 

A pair of knee pads are also a good call, since Bane is ready for a fight at any moment. 

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