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Beast Boy Costume Guide

Beast Boy Costume DIY Guide 80

How to Dress Like Beast Boy from Teen Titans [Photo: Wdlee00]

We were going to make a costume guide for Beast Boy from Teen Titans, but we’ll just let Beast Boy do it himself.

Take it away Beast Boy!

Beast Boy Talks About His Costume (And Himself)

I know you want to destroy me and everything, and that’s cool but before you do I just want you to see what’s inside my heart. Baby, I’m Beast Boy!

My real name is Garfield Logan, and when I was little my parents were scientists in Africa and were developing “reverse evolution” to bring back extinct creatures. They weren’t super cool people… so I just kinda stayed to myself more. One day I got Sakutia, which is like super super lethal to every animal except for the African green monkey. So, Daddio used an untested serum on me to change me into an African Green Monkey for 24 so I could live. It worked, but the serum also accidentally turned me green, yo! And now I have the best most awesomest powers in the world! I can turn into any animal there is… No big deal…

Later on my parents died in a boating accident because I wasn’t supposed to transform and save them. To this day I still think I should have just done it and then they’d be all like “Whoo!!! You did it!! We’re alive and we love you the way that you are!!! Go fight bad guys with your super awesome powers!!” but instead they’re like… they’re dead, yo.

There were lots of bad guys after that that tried to use my powers to do bad things, and then I was court-appointed to be guarded by Nicholas Galtry, who was a total sleaze. He was embezzling and hired goons to kill me so that his secret wouldn’t get out.

But then the most awesome thing happened, baby! The Doom Patrol busted in like “BOOM! POW!” and saved me, and Elasti-girl and Steve Dayton adopted me! That’s when I joined the Doom Patrol. I still like the cool threads they gave me so I still wear them. I roll with a purple and black body suit with a silver belt and grey gloves. Totally cool, bro. Only thing is, I don’t wear the Doom Patrol mask anymore because RaeRae told me my greenness gives me away anyway! Ha Ha…

Then, the Doom Patrol, like died on me too and I had nobody again! I had no friends or fam, so I try to get by but it’s hard out here for a green guy, you know? I tried to work on a TV show, but it got cancelled and I joined the Teen Titans. Cyborg and I are going to play video games later, and Raven will punch me in the face every time I hit on her, and Starfire’s heart is full of love and friendship, and Robin pushes me to be the best hero I can be. We are family no matter what!

But, I’m the funny one, if I do say so myself, and I’ve got a thang for RaeRae. She MUST have been using the power of telepathy again, because she’s been on my mind ALL DAY! She is a raven, and I, am a dove; and even though we are different, we are meant to be in love.

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Items You’ll Need to Complete the Costume:

  • Green Hair
  • Green Face and Pointed Ears
  • Black and Purple Shirt and Silver Utility Belt
  • Black tights and Purple Sneakers
  • Grey gloves

Beast Boy Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Beast Boy from Teen Titans:

Green Hair:

Sometimes I replace myself with an animal I painted green. You can be green like me by spraying your hair green with that wash- out green hair spray stuff. You can find it online or at any drug store, bro! While you’re there pick up some tasty frozen waffles or burritos! Man, they’re so good I wanna eat them twice!

Green Face and Pointed Ears:

I have pointed ears, yo! You’re gonna want to use latex or silicone pointed ear tips if you wanna represent! Then, paint your face, neck, and ears green with body paint! You can get both of these online or at a costume shop.

Beast Boy Makeup Tutorial:

Black and Purple Shirt and Utility Belt:

If you wanna mimic my sweet sweet threads, get a Beast Boy shirt online or at a costume shop. It might come with a silver utility belt, but if not, you gotta make sure you have one. You can also find one of those babies online or at a costume shop. My threads are special so I can morph while I’m wearing them and I don’t have to go au naturale if you know what I mean. Like, dogs are rad, but they’re totally naked, bro! I can’t be lettin all the mamas out there in on all the goods!

Black Tights, Purple Sneakers, and Grey Gloves:

My super suit also comes with black tights, which you can find online or at any major retailer. They really help me move when I’m Kapow-in some baddies. Then, get yourself some rad purple sneaks. You won’t regret it, they’re totally baller. You can find them online. I also wear grey gloves, so get a pair online or at any major retailer.

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