Daredevil Costume Guide

Marvel 2015 Hot TV Show Daredevil Cosplay Costume Outfits

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Daredevil Costume Guide

Matt Murdock fights for injustice by day as a common lawyer and by night he fights crime in Hell’s Kitchen as his alter ego Daredevil. This character develops his other senses by being blinded for an accident when a radioactive substance falls on his eyes in a car crash at the same time he tries to save a man who was going to be hit by a car.

In the face of this accident, our character completely loses his vision but instead manages to gain a radar ability through his ears, which, along with his other senses have developed beyond human capacity.

His father is murdered by gangsters when he refuse to lose a boxing match arranged by Wilson Fisk aka the kingpin, therefore Daredevil takes the city to fight crime and seek justice for the murder of his father.

The Daredevil Style

His clothing at the beginning of the story is a black combination, which decides to cover half of her face with a black scarf to hide her true identity to protect all the people he loves.

With his developed senses and long years of great training, he can identify the position of each enemy (even at great distances) to take advantage of them.

After many battles, some being defeats and other victories including confrontations with Kingpin, he makes the decision to reinforce his suit using a combination of black and red including the same weapon he use before known as kali sticks in martial arts with modifications that allows him to perform different maneuvers and adapt them as other weapons according to his needs, becoming his combat instrument at night and during the day as the cane that guides him to walk through the streets of Hell’s Kitchen disguising the different gifts he have.

Recreating this Daredevil costume may not make you the greatest hero at cosplay conventions, theme parties or Halloween, but one of the most feared and respected if you just want to have fun with friends.

Authentic Daredevil Costume Ideas

Marvel 2015 Hot TV Show Daredevil Cosplay Costume Outfits

Generally, the actual color and design will be made to more closely resemble that of the mannequins than the character.

Marvel Daredevil Matt Murdock Daredevil Black Shoes Cosplay Boots

Actual colors may vary slightly from the images due to lighting and monitor resolution changes.

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First Season Outfit:

This may be the easiest costume to recreate since the same character used common clothes to create it, we can even get very similar clothes in different stores like Amazon.

• Head: It is enough with a black bandana that covers the eyes, in fact there are black cloth that let you see through them, look for one of those I highly recommend.

• Chest: An all-black long sleeve sweater with no hood of course will work, even if it is one of those tight long sleeves for gym it will be perfect many sports brands have this type of sweaters for sale, you can see some baseball players wearing them.

• Hands: motorcycling, gym or cycling gloves can work, or if you want the outfit from the last season, simply tie some cabochons from your hands to the elbows as if it were a Muay Thai practitioner.

• Legs: A black cargo pants is enough.

• Feet: black safety boots, although I know from experience that it is a little uncomfortable to kick with this type of shoe.

• Weapon: after searching for the Philippine sticks dimensions you can grab a broomstick and take out both guided by their specifications.

Now arm yourself and go forth to do justice like the devil from hell’s kitchen.

Costume of the 2nd and 3rd Season:

This of course is my favorite, but it will be a little more difficult to do. This suit has kevlar reinforcement which allows the character to be more secure before bullets.

How to Make Daredevil Armor

There is a program called pepakura, which has different designs for paper creations of different characters from fictional series that we love so much, some people have used this program to create the complete iron man armor, I love how they make this character helmet.

Anyway, once the program has been downloaded and installed, we look for the Daredevil designs, and once printed on a cardboard, we cut according to the patterns and then reinforce it with absorbent paper, glue, and water.

Once this is done, we proceed to paint each of these parts red.

Now as a base we can use the same suit that we did first, we simply put the armor on top and that’s it, but beware two parts must be replaced.

A second option can be to wear the motorcycle cross armor and paint it red, of course, the helmet we will not take into account.

• Legs: we must change the cargo pants for a black sports jumpsuit.

• Boots: we should look for some red leather boots; there must be a motorcycle rider that works.

Ready now you can go out to do justice like the devil from Hell’s Kitchen 2.0.

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