Elfo Costume Guide

Tales of Innocence Ruca Milda Cosplay Costume

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Elfo Costume Guide

Elfo from Disenchantment: DIY Cosplay

Who wouldn’t want a magical elf for a best buddy? On the new cartoon Netflix series Disenchantment, Elfo is one of the main characters and also Princess Bean’s closest companion. Tired of being an elf and following the typical elf tropes of life, Elfo has a cynical and rebellious streak in his personality just like Princess Bean and isn’t afraid of danger or adventure, especially if it means bringing some excitement to his life.

There’s no better choice for any cartoon fantasy fan than an Elfo costume for your next cosplay event or Halloween bash!

Elfo Costume Ideas

Tales of Innocence Ruca Milda Cosplay Costume

Generally, the actual color and design will be made to more closely resemble that of the mannequins than the character.

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How to Dress Like Elfo from Disenchantment


Elfo doesn’t really have hair, but he does have floppy lime green spikes closely resembling hair atop his head. You can get a similar look by wearing a green wig and using thick hair gel to form it into spikes. You can get hair gel from any beauty supply website, drugstore cosmetics counter or retail website.

For the wig, check Halloween shops and costume websites for a good one, and tie your natural hair back with an elastic so it stays hidden beneath the wig.

Green Complexion:

Elfo’s skin is bright green like the spikes on his head, giving him an almost lizard-like appearance. Use Halloween makeup or green body paint to recreate this bizarre appearance.

Facial Features:

Being an elf, Elfo has pointed green ears and a pig-like nose. You can use craft foam, plastic or other materials to create extra costume face pieces, or you can search costume websites for fake elf ears. Use green acrylic paint to give them that recognizable lime green color.


Elfo wears a faded orange tunic and dark teal shorts. Check out retail websites, costume shops and shopping malls for these clothing items. If you can’t find an orange tunic, you can instead use an oversized dark orange t-shirt. Look for a baggy one similar to Elfo’s.


To complete your Elfo costume, you’ll need a couple of extra supplies. Elfo wears brown clogs on his feet. You can buy clogs or similar styles of brown shoes at a shoe shop or costume website.

Elfo also wears a pointed purple hat adorned with a fuzzy lighter purple pompom. You can purchase a similar costume hat online or from a Halloween store, or you can use purple craft felt and pompoms to make your own hat.

Lastly, you’ll need the little silver dagger Elfo often carries with him. Search toy stores for a replica dagger, or use craft supplies like foam, plastic and silver acrylic paint to make your own homemade sword to bring with you.

Get your friends to dress up as Princess Bean and Luci so you can all go to your next cosplay meetup as a team of characters, and watch some videos of Disenchantment so you can memorize some of Elfo’s most memorable and popular quotes from the show!

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