Princess Bean Costume Guide

Princess Principal Princess Cosplay Costume

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Princess Bean Costume Guide

Princess Bean: DIY Cosplay

In the Netflix cartoon show Disenchantment, Princess Bean is a young princess who is seeking something more than the royal life can provide. She’s only nineteen years old, but already she’s a heavy drinker and enjoys booze almost as much as rebellion. Her father, who wants her to follow an expected path of marrying an arranged suitor who she has no romantic feelings for, drives her to alcoholism and also makes her realize she wants something better for her life.

Now’s your chance to take your own place in Dreamland with a Princess Bean costume of your own!

Princess Bean Costume Ideas

Princess Principal Princess Cosplay Costume

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Princess Principal Princess Golden Cosplay Wig

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Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Remake Princess Black Cosplay Wig

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How to Dress Like Princess Bean from Disenchantment


Princess Bean inherited her mom’s long platinum blonde hair, which is slightly frizzy and tumbles down past her shoulders.

If you want this look for your own costume, you can either bleach your natural hair or wear a platinum blonde wig.

Browse around Halloween shops and online costume websites for the right wig, and tie up your natural hair underneath with a strong elastic band or hair scrunchie.


Princess Bean has long eyelashes and freckles on her cheeks. You can buy false eyelashes from any cosmetics counter, accessories website or salon.

For the freckles, use a light brown eyebrow pencil or Halloween face paint to draw them on.


Princess Bean is not the conventional style of princess with a ton of makeup and frilly lace on her clothes. Instead, she usually wears a basic light turquoise tunic with long white sleeves, a brown leather belt around her waist and brown leggings.

You can purchase leggings and long shirts online from any large retail website or locally from a shopping mall. If you can’t find a turquoise tunic, you can wear a short-sleeved turquoise shirt over a long-sleeved white shirt.

For the leggings, you can also use stretch pants or yoga pants if the weather is going to be colder than usual at your next cosplay event.


Princess Bean wears laced brown boots.

To give off the appearance of a drunkard, carry an empty bottle with you like the bottles the Princess if often seen stumbling around with.

As a finishing touch, purchase a fake sword from a costume shop or party store just like the silver sword Princess Bean often wields when she’s in the mood for a fight! You can also use craft supplies such as foam, paint and plastic to make a sword of your own.

To prepare for your upcoming convention or Halloween party, have a marathon and watch a few Disenchantment video clips so you can practice some of Princess Bean’s most popular quotes!

Get your friends to dress up as other Disenchantment characters like Elfo and Luci so you can attend your event as a team and impress the crowd!

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