Eri Cosplay Girls Guide

My Hero Academia Boku no Hero Akademia Eri Cosplay Costume

Eri Cosplay Girls Guide

My Hero Academia is for sure one of the best shounens around. It’s a show that was a hit the moment it came out back in 2016. Since then it’s been coming back to back to back every year.

This surely gives fans what they want since every year the season finish makes us want more. Good thing we don’t have to wait much. Like every season, this new season gave us it’s share of new characters. Characters are surely something that My Hero Academia is known for.

With the newest addition of Eri and her character. She was sure to become a favorite right away. This makes the Eri cosplay girl a hot pick. Get ready for the conventions and expos to come this year.

My Hero Academia Boku no Hero Akademia Eri Blue Grey Cosplay Wig

Generally, the actual color and design will be made to more closely resemble that of the mannequins than the character.

My Hero Academia Boku no Hero Akademia Eri Horn Cosplay Accessory Prop

Actual colors may vary slightly from the images due to lighting and monitor resolution changes.

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Eri Cosplay Dress:

Eri is one of the newest additions to the show that never fails to give us the hype. Every season, it’s got something new packed in for us to feast our eyes on. The whole story of heroes trying to save people in danger is so primitive, yet so good.

It brings warmth to the heart since the relief and smile they have when they’re saved is unparalleled for. Eri is another innocent girl who’s ended up in the wrong hands of a wrong parent.

But Midoriya is here to save the day like always. She became a fan favorite the moment she made her first appearance. The Eri cosplay Bnha is surely something a lot of people would go for.


Here we have the exact My Hero Academia Eri cosplay costume. The Bnha Eri cosplay outfit is copied really well and has the same feel of the show.

It makes us remember the trials and tribulations, the tough times the poor girl had to see. Her voice, her fear, her response towards human warmth that Deku Midoriya exhibited was so pure.

It’s understandable since she hadn’t experienced anything like that prior to this. Poor girl, time’s been so hard to her. The Eri cosplay dress right here comes with:

  • The simple yet pleasant white color of the Eri costume that’s bland to the eye but shows just how hard just living was for the poor girl.
  • The sleeves that are true to the original character in the show and bring out the feel right here in the purest form.
  • The leggings which are not actual leggings but resonate with the forearm sleeves making it clear that the girl served only one purpose and it was only her quirk that was keeping her alive.


  • The exact Boku no Hero Academia Cosplay costume from the anime that keeps coming back every year.
  • The cosplay costume is simple, yet attractive since it brings out the true feel of the character.
  • The sleeves stay true to the character and make the Eri cosplay look more complete and perfect.


  • It might be a little too comfortable making you wear it at all times.
  • The sleeves might make you feel a bit uneasy after wearing them for a long day.


If you’re a My Hero Academia fan who was taken aback by the girl’s story, this is for you. This is the only way you can do justice to her. Of course you can’t go well and fight Rappa and others but this is something you can do. Things were so hard for Eri. From the get go, she was a puppet. Even as a child, happiness was a word that was unknown to her.

She hadn’t experienced that emotion ever since she lived for a purpose. And that purpose was to just meet Overhaul’s expectations. She knew that deep down and was keeping up with it since she was scared. She was afraid of the very core. Children should never ever be treated like this. The Eri cosplay costume goes well on a number of occasions. Whether it is a convention or an expo, anything can benefit from it.

Anything can have a little Eri chan in it. Even themed parties are a good pick. Besides the Eri My Hero Academia cosplay outfit makes a good sleepwear as well.

Eri Red Costume:

From the moment she made her appearance in the trailer, we knew something was wrong. We knew that the girl was being forced to do something. We got the feeling right away that she was being forced to live in general.
In the history of My Hero Academia, this arc was surely the most intense one. It highlighted things that actually happen in this real world. This side was shown later in the show as well and people embraced it with open arms. When it comes to Eri, everyone loved anything there is. This side to the Bnha Eri cosplay girl costume is another good pick when it comes to conventions.


Here we have an alternative version of the Eri cosplay outfit. This version is a bit brighter and has a lot more to offer. This is good since all that girl had previously was a bland cloth that she had been wearing since forever.
She’s still a child, she’s too young to see the darkness that envelops the world. I wanted her to be saved as soon as possible but it happened later on. Mirio was surely the MVP of the show. The sacrifices he made just to make that girl smile again are commendable to say the least. The Eri cosplay outfit comes along with:

  • The black leggings that make the old, half-torn ones look pretty bland and dull. The black color makes it look even better and even crispier. This gives a whole new look to the cosplay costume.
  • The red upper with the white top that’s a vibrant combination of red and white that we’ve been seeing for a long time now. The colors go hand in hand to wonderland making Eri look way better than she did before.
  • The yellow buttons or holders which add yellow to the mix as well and prevent the white and red to keep all the fun to themselves.
  • The cut off stripes look underneath makes it look more artistic and adds an aesthetic look to the costume.


  • We get the exact cosplay costume from the anime that never fails to get us excited.
  • It comes up with all the accessories that make up the Eri cosplay.
  • The details are copied really well and make the original seem to come to life.


  • It might be uncomfortable for some people to walk around in.
  • The leggings might make you uneasy when worn for long periods of time.


Everyone’s a My Hero Academia fan by now. Eri is surely one of the newest characters that people can’t stop but to love. She’s been the talk of the town ever since the new season dropped. She’s been accumulating a lot of fans.

This makes both the Eri cosplay girl a must-buy for all the fans out there. Whether you’re going for the first one or this, it’s your call to make.
Both are copied really well and bring out the true character of the girl.

This makes both of them a hot pick for the conventions and expos out there. This saves us all the time and effort. The time and effort we would have wasted otherwise to choose. To choose from the plethora of possibilities that never seem to end for some reason. If you have friends who are into the show as well, get them to go with you.

If they dress up as Deku Midoriya and Mirio, it’d be perfect. It’d be the anime brought to life right here in front of everyone.

Cosplay Advice And Tips:

Make sure to try out the Eri costume prior to the occasion. This will save you from a lot of trouble and prevent any mess-ups there at the event. Moreover, make sure that you keep up with her personality as it’d make the cosplay even better. It’d make it stand out even more and deliver the true character to the table. Keep this up and you’ll surely pull off the best Eri cosplay to date.

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