Shoto Todoroki Costume Guide

My Hero Academia Shoto Todoroki Battle Suit Cosplay Costume

Shoto Todoroki Costume Guide

On the anime series My Hero Academia, Shoto Todoroki is a student at U.A. High School, the son of the character Endeavor, and like many other students, he’s training to be a pro hero.

Shoto is known as being handsome and many of the female students like him, but due to his abusive childhood, he is also often very apathetic and distant, although as the show progresses he starts to befriend others more often. Shoto’s Quirk allows him to possess powerful abilities with fire and ice, although he rarely uses his fire powers.

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Shoto Todoroki Costume Ideas

Shoto Todoroki Red White Cosplay Wig

Generally, the actual color and design will be made to more closely resemble that of the mannequins than the character.

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How to Dress Like Shoto Todoroki from My Hero Academia



Shoto has short hair slightly down past his ears with long, choppy bangs over his eyes. His hair is two distinctly different colors, completely white on one side and red on the other.

You can use hair dye to recreate this look, or you can use a red and white cosplay wig.

Use a comb to keep your hair strands from mixing together so they will be distinctly opposite on both sides just like Shoto’s.


Shoto has different colored eyes: one eye is turquoise and the other is a grayish color. You can use colored contact lenses to create this look.

He also has a rather large burn scar down to his cheek upon the left side of his face.

Use scar makeup or a makeup pencil to draw this detail on your own face.


Like most of the other students at U.A. High School, Shoto’s school uniform consists of a gray blazer with gold buttons and turquoise accent stripes. He also wears a white long-sleeved, buttoned-down dress shirt tucked into a pair of dark teal dress pants.

Tuck your dress shirt into the waistline of your pants for a more authentic look to your costume. Shoto’s hero costume consists of baggy dark blue pants, a dark blue long-sleeved jacket with a high collar to match, and a gray fabric neck piece which connects both halves of the jacket’s collar together.


With his hero costume, Shoto wears white rubber boots with a very thick tread on them, as well as a brown utility belt and a metal-plated combat vest.

When in his school uniform, Shoto wears a red knotted necktie and sneakers in shades of light blue and white pastels. You can find the footwear from retail websites and shoe stores.

Lastly, for the combat vest you can check out costume shops and Halloween stores, or you can use craft supplies to make your own.