Fire Force Cosplay Costumes Guide

Fire Force Enen No Shouboutai Evangelist Cosplay Costume

Fire Force Cosplay Costumes Guide

Shinra Kusakabe is the main character of the Anime Fire Force which is an anime about firefighters. If you want to look like him you can use this awesome set of fire force cosplay costumes so you can be this fireman officer. You will feel as powerful as he is in these two beautiful uniforms.

Shinra Kusakabe Costume

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This is a fire force cosplay Shinra Kusakabe costume from the STARTFUN brand, it has the design of traditional firefighter uniform. It’s colorful and has details that will make you be noticed wherever you arrive wearing. You can use it for conventions, parties, even if you just want to feel powerful when you go to the market you can use it.

This cosplay costume comes with:

  • A black coat with blue stripes
  • A completely black inner shirt
  • pants with suspenders that have a cross-shaped buckle
  • Detailed grey and black gloves
  • A black belt


  • This cosplay outfit was made with Polyester, leather, Spandex so it is easy to clean.
  • It is an almost complete costume with all the clothes to wear.


  • Being made of leather, it will probably make you sweat and nobody likes to be all sweaty at a party or convention.
  • Boots are not included.


If you are a fan of the anime Fire Force this is the perfect outfit for you. It has so many details and with bright colors, functional for any party, convention, role-playing game, or any other use that comes to mind. So, if you want to make a cosplay of this character for obvious reasons you will want to make it right so you can buy this costume and enjoy it. You will be comfortable all the time you’re wearing it because you are always going to have a piece of high quality and details that make you feel special every time you wear it. Besides, you will be the sensation in the convention, you will win contests, all girls will be around you because they like guys in uniform. But being serious, if you acquire this fine piece of clothing you will never regret it.

This is a great fire force cosplay costume that can be used with any excuse because if you like it you can wear it. This piece is very awesome and beautiful so we suggest that if you are going to buy it enjoy it and take good care of it.

Fire Force Cosplay Orange Costume:

For this Fire Force Costume, also of the STARTFUN brand, we have the other outfit design seen in the anime: the orange uniform suit. To use it in conventions, parties, and costume contests or just to brag that you have it. Except that this time is not only the uniform of a unique character, but we can choose among the other characters that work at the station.

This fire force cosplay costume has a design more focused on the uniform of the station so you can say you are now a soldier for special fire force. Being a one-piece costume you even can use it as pajamas at night.


  • It is a one-piece costume that provides the user with a complete one piece cosplay.
  • It is brand new so you don’t have to worry about deceases.
  • It comes in different sizes so it doesn’t matter your height or weight there always be one for you


  • Shoes and wigs are not included

Some people like this one better than the other but everyone has a choice so you can choose any that you like. Another suggestion for this costume is: if you buy it, make sure to brag to your friends. If you keep it clean you can wear it in your house on a lazy day because it is a jumpsuit, so it can be fun to wear. Also, you can wear it when you are cleaning your room that you can feel you are cleaning the station instead. Make sure to take care of it no one gets happy when their costume is torn or off-color. This is a good option when you are looking for a costume for a comic-con or a party it doesn’t matter if you are a Fire Force Soldier.

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