Gambit Costume Guide

Marvel Uncanny X-Men X Men Gambit Remy Etienne LeBeau Cosplay Costume - Including Boots

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Gambit Costume Guide

We have the perfect cosplay for you, mon ami! In this guide, we will help you put together your very own high quality Gambit costume for your next cosplay convention or Halloween!

Gambit is the card-throwing, staff-twirling, kinetic-energy-manipulating mutant member of X-Men. With a conflicted past, he tries to shake off the wrongs he committed earlier and be one of “the good guys,” even when the good guys don’t always want him there. In his long trench coat and buff pink breastplate, Gambit is always ready for a fight.

Gambit’s Style

Gambit wears his hair spilling out over his black headband. In this way, he looks a little bit like the karate kid. He wears tight black pants and a pink breastplate complete with ab-indentations and a long brown trench coat over it all. He wears long silver boots black gloves without fingers. He could also have the X from X-men on his belt and carry around playing cards to throw and a silver bo staff.

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Items You’ll Need to Complete the Costume:

  • Black Headband
  • Black Pants/Leggings
  • Pink Breastplate
  • Long Brown
  • Trench Coat
  • Long Silver Boots
  • Black Gloves
  • X-Men Belt Buckle
  • Playing Cards
  • Bo Staff
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Marvel Uncanny X-Men X Men Gambit Remy Etienne LeBeau Cosplay Costume - Including Boots

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The Queen‘s Gambit Beth Harmon Cosplay Costume D Edition

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Queen‘s Gambit Beth Harmon Cosplay Costume B Edition

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