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Gwenpool Costume Guide

Gwenpool DIY Costume Guide for Cosplay and Halloween
How to Dress Like Gwenpool for Cosplay and Halloween [Phoot: wdlee00]

This cosplay season and Halloween, dress up as one of the most fun and spunky heroes from the Marvel Universe – Gwenpool! In our guide, you will learn how to put together your own Gwenpool costume.

In the Marvel Universe, Gwendolyn “Gwen” Poole, better-known by the alias Gwenpool, is a young girl living in an alternate universe where comic book characters are alive and real.

In reality, Gwen feels like a failure after not completing high school or getting a job, leaving her to focus on reading fiction while holed up in her room.

When she and her brother end up in the Prime Marvel Universe, she finds herself separated from him and in the meantime creating her own costume and identity to become a superhero while she takes part in the awaiting adventure.

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Gwenpool Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Gwenpool

Hair and Mask:

Gwen has short-cropped straight sandy blonde hair with highlights, however her hair is usually covered by her superhero costume mask. Her mask consists of a white hood covering everything but her mouth, and the hood features angular pink eye-pieces surrounded by a thick black rim on each.

You can purchase Gwenpool costume masks like the one listed in this guide, or you can use craft supplies and fabric to make your own mask.

If you’re cosplaying as Gwen without the Gwenpool mask, get a sandy-blonde cosplay wig with pink tips.

When not in costume, Gwen also sometimes wears pink heart-shaped sunglasses, which you can order online from retail websites and accessories shops.


Gwen’s Gwenpool costume consists of a white bodysuit attached to her mask, which features long sleeves and bubblegum-pink accents. The suit is legless.

You can purchase pink and white bodysuits online from Amazon, or you can search online to see if any pre-made Gwenpool costume suits are available.


Gwen wears a brown belt with a pink buckle, along with brown straps, holsters and a knapsack-like satchel on her back. You can purchase belts online from retail websites and accessories shops.

For the brown holsters and straps, search for replicas at costume websites and Halloween stores.

To give your costume the same footwear as Gwen’s, search for a pair of white high-top sneakers, as well as white cylinder leg coverings with pink accent stripes, a feature which the character also wears on her arms in solid pink.

Check out what’s available at Halloween stores and costume websites for the leg and arm coverings, or use craft supplies such as paint and foam to make your own.

To finish off your Gwenpool costume, you’ll need Gwen’s swords, which have platinum blades with pink and black diamond-patterned handles. Sometimes the character is only depicted holding one sword.

Practice posing with them over your shoulders the way Gwenpool does in photos and scenes of the character.