Hawks Cosplay Costume Guide

My Hero Academia Boku No Hero Akademia Hawks Cosplay Costume

Hawks Cosplay Costume Guide

My Hero Academia at it again. The show just keeps coming up with those characters. Hawks cosplay costume is perfect to remember the anime.

My Hero Academia Boku No Hero Akademia Hawks Black Cosplay Shoes

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Hawks costume:

Heroes rising was something else. My Hero Academia does everything for the fans. That’s why people love that show so much.

The Hawks costume works wonders. Conventions and expos would love to see it. It would make everyone remember 2019 in an instant. Also, it works great for parties as well. Boku no Hero Academia fans would love to have it there.


Here we have the Hawks Hero cosplay attire. It features:

  • The T-shirt that makes us vision the character right away.
  • The coat that brings us that original look.
  • The pants that go hand in hand with the fancy coat.
  • The belt that serves as just the thing to keep everything in its perfect place.
9Expert Score

Our Review:Takami Keigo is fresh, one of the newest characters out there. The Hawks Hero suit right here is well made. You get a lot with this deal. Also, it looks like it’ll be in good condition even a few years from now. Better grab it quick and put yourself out there. Put yourself out there as the biggest fan.

  • Not expensive.
  • Great quality.
  • Comfortable.
  • No accessories.
  • Size might vary.


Heroes Rising was a hit. My Hero Academia back at it with a banger of a movie. It brought back all the characters while introducing new faces. Faces that we won’t be forgetting for a long time. That’s for sure.

The Hawks cosplay costume is perfect for conventions. People would love to have it. I mean there would be so many Midoriyas right there. But with this Takami Keigo outfit you’ll stand out. He’s fresh and hot out of the movie. Better cosplay as him before it’s too late. Also, with this deal you get a lot. The coat is just something else when you look at it. It’ll be perfect for a lot of other occasions as well. It’s light on the price too. I can see this getting sold out soon. Time is of the essence!

Hawks wings:

I mean you know how the character is. The Hawks costume would shine only with the wings. They are a must to bring out the look. The wings right here are more than good enough. They’d bring out all the My Hero Academia cosplay suit has to offer. Get ready to transform into the character and meet the crew.

The Headphones:

Another one of the essentials. We’re looking to make the Takami Keigo cosplay attire complete right? Well, you gotta get these headphones to make that happen. Straight out of the movie, they’re a banger. Just look at how classy they look. With these headphones, You’re one step closer. One step closer to achieving that perfect look. Hawks cosplay costume is well within reach.

Hawks glasses:

Everything’s here. We’re missing out on style, right? Well these glasses here would make up for it. They’re here to save the day. They’ll make the Hawks cosplay outfit all the better. You’ll be feeling like you’re in the movie yourself. Plus, they work perfectly for other occasions as well. Utility at its best.

Hawks shoes:

The last piece of the puzzle is here. With this, The Bnhr anime cosplay outfit is complete. These shoes would make you feel like a hero right away. You want that speed and swiftness, right? Well, These shoes offer a lot more than just that. Get these to seal the deal in the perfect way possible.

About Hawks:

My Hero Academia isn’t all that new when it comes to characters. We’ve got a ton to choose from. Hawks is the perfect new addition to the crew. He’s got that perfect attitude that made him a favorite. Right away at that as well. Plus, he’s got that skill to back it up as well. Takami Keigo made the movie all the better in my opinion. The perfect person to take that No. 2 Pro Hero spot to say the very least. Also, there’s a lot to the character than what meets the eye. I’m pretty sure the movie watchers are with me on this one. Those among you who haven’t, go watch the movie. You won’t be forgetting it for a while to come.

Hawks cosplay advice and tips:

Make sure you have a feel of the Hawks costume. The wings look hard to pull off. But you’ll get used to them once you try them out. Also, try out those glasses as well.

Don’t forget those headphones. We need to pull off the perfect look. Run around in those shoes and get a feel of them. It’d make you all the more comfortable once you’re there.

Try to find some other characters there as well. Strike up all kinds of interesting conversations with them. I’m pretty sure they’ll be happy to talk to you. Pull off the best Takami Keigo anime cosplay out there.

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