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Jane Lane Costume Guide

Jane Lane, the epitome of a 1990’s punk teenage girl, is a disaffected aspiring artist and witty misanthrope. She is also Daria Morgendorffer’s best friend and confidante in the cartoon series Daria. Together they make their way through high school observing the world and commenting on the backwards ways of suburban America. Or you could say that they meet up on the weekends to eat pizza and complain.

Jane is known for her black blunt-cut asymmetric bob, her 90’s punk black outfit with a red blazer, her very 90’s dark brick red scowling lips, and three silver hoop ear piercings in her left ear. But you know how fads are. Today it’s brains. Tomorrow, pierced tongues. Then the next day, pierced brains. 

The basis of Jane’s friendship with Daria is “Misery loves company.” She speaks in short, biting, philosophical sentences. She mostly does things ironically and often has one eyebrow raised. So, let’s get on with this. I have someplace to go… Television counts as a place.

Items You’ll Need to Complete the Costume:

  • Black blunt- cut asymmetric bob
  • 90’s punk black outfit
  • Red blazer
  • matte brick red lips
  • 3 silver hoop earrings in the left ear

Ninjala Jane Cosplay Costume

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How to Dress Like Jane Lane from Daria 


Jane has a blunt- cut asymmetric bob haircut with straight black hair and no bangs. She has a side- part on the left side of her head. The left side of her hair is always tucked behind her left ear showing her earrings, and the right side of her hair slightly covers her right eye, ending just below her right cheekbone. So, let’s talk strategy. You don’t wanna arrive without a plan.

If you already have straight hair, you can style your hair as described above and make sure it’s dyed jet black. If you don’t want to do anything so permanent, you can easily find a black wig online or in a costume shop or and cut and style it as described above. I see a worrisome teen conspiracy afoot.

Black outfit: 

Jane tends to look like she got up, got dressed, and then fell back asleep. It’s pretty easy to replicate. She wears a black pair of tights, a pair of black shorts on top of the tights, a black v- neck t-shirt tucked into the shorts, and black knee- high combat boots. You can buy any or all of these items online or at any major retailer. 

Red Blazer:

The major pop of the outfit is Jane’s bright red blazer. She wears it open, so don’t worry what kinds of buttons it has, and she rolls up the sleeves to a 3/4 length on the arms, ending just below the elbow. You can find this item online or at any major retailer.

Don’t worry, you’re not selling out. You’re attempting to acquire the skills and knowledge that you would allow you to sell out. 


Jane wears the 90’s signature matte brick red lip. You can make this happen with any matte dark brick red lipstick, which you can get at any drug store. Just make sure you maintain Jane’s signature scowl. Remember, she likes having low self- esteem. It makes her feel special. 


Jane’s hair is always behind her ear on the left side, showing her earrings. She has 3 silver hoop earrings in her left ear. Chances are you have a piercing or two, so you can just get 3 of the same silver hoops, and put one in the bottom piercing, one in the cartilage of the “hook” of the ear, and one equally spaced in between.

If you don’t have piercings already, prepare for pain. Fake earrings are notorious for being very uncomfortable but using them in the way described above will give you the right look. 

Now go watch Sick, Sad Worldand comment on materialism, conventionalism, and commercialism. Wow, we actually accomplished something, I mean other than getting up.

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