Kingpin Costume Guide

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Kingpin Costume Guide

The Kingpin, whose original name is Wilson Fisk, appears primarily in the Spider-Man, Daredevil, and Punisher comics by Marvel. His first appearance was in issue 50 of The Amazing Spider-Man in July 1967, and he is still a regular character to this day, appearing most recently in the latest Daredevil series for Netflix. The Kingpin is a super-villain, one of New York City’s most terrifying, powerful criminal overlords, an impossibly strong man whose corpulent frame hides muscles big enough to put The Hulk to shame.

With his enormous stature and completely bald head, the Kingpin is already a highly recognizable character. However, what identifies this evil villain most is his inimitable outfit.

Read our guide below to make your very own Kingpin costume for cosplay or for Halloween.


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How to Dress Like Kingpin

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How to Dress Like the Kingpin


Not much to say in this regard! The Kingpin is completely bald, so if you’re planning on dressing up as this guy for a costume party or cosplay event, you should probably already be hair-free or ready to get busy with the razor! Or use a bald cap which you can find online.


Kingpin is known for wearing his MASSIVE pin-striped suit. For the most instantly-recognizable Kingpin costume, a white, double-breasted suit jacket is essential. This can be paired with suit trousers in either white to match the jacket, light- to mid-grey, or – ideally – purple.

Beneath the white suit jacket, a waistcoat (vest) should be worn, which should be in a color to match the trousers. Again, purple is the ideal here, but bright yellow is a close second. Finish off the suit with an ostentatious cravat.

In the comics, the Kingpin actually wears a Kevlar suit of armor beneath his clothes, but you might get a bit warm, so feel free to skip this part!


A simple pair of black dress shoes, such as loafers or brogues, will work perfectly with the Kingpin’s costume. While some superheroes and villains have fancy footwear, all the fanciness of the Kingpin is in the expensive suits he wears.

Other Accessories:

It is the accessories that make the Kingpin costume most recognizable. Two, in particular, should not be done without if you wish to make yourself instantly identifiable as this hulking antihero. These are the cigar and the cane.

For the cigar, we’re not talking small. A great big Cuban cigar should be between your lips or fingers at all times when dressing up as the Kingpin. You don’t have to light it, of course (unless you really want to), but no Kingpin costume will be complete without it.

The cane is one of the most important aspects of this character’s costume. The Kingpin’s cane is more than a walking stick. It conceals a laser beam weapon that fires a blast of such force that it can vaporize anything it hits. It is sometimes called his “obliterator cane”. To get the look, the cane you choose should have a black stem and be tipped with a massive diamond.

A nice touch to add to your costume would be the Kingpin’s signature diamond stick-pin. In the comics, this stick-pin hides a chamber of compressed sleeping gas inside, but you’ll probably find this unnecessary in real life!


Looking dapper, distinguished, and, well, like you could destroy pretty much anything in the room is what the Kingpin costume is all about. Nail this, and you’ll be sure to knock’em dead.


About Kingpin


“The press want a Kingpin, so I’ll give them a Kingpin. Get me Bullseye.

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