Krampus Costume Guide

Adult Krampus Mask

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Krampus Costume Guide

Krampus: DIY Cosplay Guide

Christmas is supposed to be a time of joy, giving and cheer, but lately some darker holiday folklore has gone mainstream. Krampus, a mythical being from German mythos, is a frightening and demonic version of Santa Claus who likes to teach bad kids a lesson they won’t soon forget. If you’ve been naughty this year instead of nice, look out!

Krampus was the inspiration for the 2015 film by the same name, as well as another popular feature film released the same year called A Christmas Horror Story.

He might be scary, but Krampus is an excellent and unique costume for any cosplay convention, party, or Christmas / Halloween event, especially at Krampusnacht, the annual festivity to celebrate the legend of Krampus in Germany.

Check out the links below to make your own DIY Krampus costume for cosplay or Halloween.

Authentic Krampus Costume Ideas

Adult Krampus Mask

Whether you feel the need to defend Christmas or just like a little horror in your holiday, you might like this Adult Krampus Mask.

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How to Dress Like Krampus


Krampus’s hideous, warped face is probably his most frightening feature. It might seem difficult to recreate this look in a costume, but with the right mask you can get the iconic appearance. Search online Halloween stores and costume shops for a rubber Krampus mask. Since the popularity of the 2015 film, many stores now carry Krampus masks for dressing up in. Look for one with hollow eyes, large pointed horns like a mountain goat, and of course the long, spindly beard that hangs down past his chest. For an added effect, practice making frightening faces as you wear it before hitting your next convention.


Krampus has a long red robe similar to Santa Claus, and a red hood with white fluffy trim on it. You can either buy this outfit at a costume shop or sew one yourself. Use red polar fleece to give it more authenticity, and white faux fur for the trim. You can also buy a red bathrobe and hood separately from online clothing shops or costume websites.


Being a monster, of course Krampus has long claws. Ugly, sharp and gnarly, you wouldn’t want to wake up with these hanging down over your bed on Christmas Morning! You can purchase fabric gloves with long claws attached from online costume websites or stores, or you can make your own by recycling old plastic and cloth. Use superglue to attach pointed plastic shapes to the fingers. If you’re looking for gloves, buy brown ones. Glue bits of brown fur onto them to get the appearance of Krampus’s hairy arms.


Krampus carries a long rusty chain and a beat-up-looking giant Christmas bell with his name engraved into it. You can buy both these items online. Many costume websites carry them. You can also don your creative talents and buy a plain gold bell, and paint it yourself in black with thin red letters to give it the same look as Krampus’s bell.

Scary Walk:

Krampus is especially frightening because of his heavy footsteps as he trudges along as an uninvited guest in people’s homes. To get this effect yourself, buy heavy brown boots from a costume shop. Wear them beneath the red robe and at your next cosplay convention, stomp around and scare your friends!

About Krampus


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Krampus in Action

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