Finn The Human Costume Guide

Adventure Time the Human Finn Mertens Cosplay Costume

Finn The Human Costume Guide

Finn is the main character of the animated show Adventure Time. He is known as “Finn the Human” for being one of the few genuine humans on the show. A fun-loving guy whose best friend is a talking, shape-shifting dog named Jake, Finn has a love for exploring his strange world and always seems to see the best in people. At your next convention or Halloween party, show off your love for cartoon culture with a Finn costume and you’ll be sure to stand out as an icon!

Read the guide below to make your own DIY Finn the Human costume for cosplay or Halloween.

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Finn Adventure Time Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Finn the Human from ‘Adventure Time’


Finn appears to have no hair (or if he does, it’s well-hidden). This is because he’s hardly ever seen without his fluffy white bear-ear hat, which has become synonymous with his character. It wraps all the way behind his head and under his chin so that only his face is shown, making him closely resemble a polar bear.

You can purchase a Finn hat on sites like Amazon or you can sew or knit your own Finn hat using white fur, fabric or yarn. This is a great bonus to the costume if you’re planning on going out to an event during a cold day!


Finn wears a dark teal shirt with elbow-length sleeves. He also wears dark blue knee-length shorts and white socks rolled down to his ankles. To get these three important items is really simple and leaves lots of room for choices: you can sew your own from scratch, or purchase them from any retail website or thrift store.


As a guy with a strong sense of adventure, no Finn costume would be complete without his lime green knapsack that he always wears on his back. It’s darker at the bottom and lighter on the top, and allows him to stow and carry useful items.

Search for a bright green one backpack a round shape if possible. You’ll also need a pair of simple black shoes just like Finn’s.
Get your friends to dress up as other Adventure Time characters like Jake the Dog, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline and the Ice King for an extra heaping of fun and adventure!


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