The Man In The Yellow Hat Costume Guide

Man in the Yellow Hat Costume

The Man In The Yellow Hat Costume Guide

If you are looking for a simple costume that everyone will recognize instantly you can’t go wrong with the children’s book icon The Man in the Yellow Hat. In this guide, I will show you what items you will need to recreate Curious George’s human friends’ look.

About The Man in the Yellow Hat

The nameless man takes George on a boat to the big city and they live together in an apartment. He facilitates George’s adventures by taking him to different fascinating places for this curious monkey and arrives just in time to save George from his recurring antics.

The man wears a bright yellow suit and… you guessed it… a yellow hat! That’s it. It’s that simple! See below for more details.

Costume Ideas

Curious George Man in The Yellow Hat Deluxe Costume Set

Product includes: shirt, pants, hat, tie and beltProduct includes: shirt, pants, hat, tie, belt and plush monkey Curious George plush is officially licensed

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How to Dress Like the Man in the Yellow Hat from Curious George


1. You can use a hat you have at home and dye it yellow and glue a black ribbon with hot silicone.

2. If you have cardboard and hot silicone at home, proceed to craft the hat; for this you need to measure the circumference of your head and capture it on the cardboard, the height of the hat must be high enough to simulate the man’s hat, the measurement to be used can vary between 15 and 20 cm high.

To create the rounded shape of the hat you are going to roll the cardboard like an ice cream cone, obtaining a pointed end, to remove the tip of the hat cut it with scissors and collect recycle paper to form a paper ball and adjust it with adhesive tape, after forming the ball of paper, proceed to stick it in the hole you have cut to simulate the figure of the hat and at the other end there is a hole in which it will adjust to the size of your head.

You stick the ends with hot silicone and if you want to reinforce the hat use a mixture of 1 glass of glue and 1 glass of water and absorbent paper spreading it over the entire surface.

To create the rest of the hat, use a long ribbon of cardboard and create the edges, for this draw the circumference of the hat on other cardboard and proceed to make the edges with a thickness of 5 cm following the shape shown on the cardboard, cut it with a scissor and stick it with silicone to the cone you have made.

Lastly and to justify the name of the character, paint the hat with yellow paint and glue a black ribbon to resemble the man’s hat.

Yellow Suit:

1. If you have a yellow raincoat at home use it with a black belt.

2. One option is to wear a yellow shirt and yellow shorts. Complement the costume with a yellow tie and you paint black polka dots with a sharpie.

3. You can transform garments from your closet, that is, if you do not have yellow garments, proceed to dye them to assemble the suit of the man in the yellow hat.


Use a black belt to adjust the pants and complete the look.


Wear knee-length black or brown long socks.


If you have black plastic rain boots at home, they are perfect to complement the costume. If you do not have black boots, combine black shoes with long socks of the same color and create the appearance of boots.

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