Crocodile Hunter Costume Guide

Steve Irwin The Crocodile hunter Costume Pack

Steve Irwin The Crocodile hunter Costume Pack

Crocodile Hunter Costume Guide

Crikey! We’ll be your guide as you hunt for the perfect costume. In this cosplay guide, you will learn how to dress up as Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter.

Famous all around the world as the “Crocodile Hunter” and beloved for his respect and rapport with animals, Steve Irwin was an Australian zookeeper and the star of his own TV show where he interacted with wildlife up close and personal.

A pioneer of nature reality television, Irwin also helped operate the Australian Zoo alongside his wife, Terri Raines-Irwin. Tragically Steve lost his life in 2006 while working on the TV documentary Ocean’s Deadliest, but fans everywhere still remember him as an adventurous, gentle and daring conservationist who loved the animals he spent time with all through his interesting life.

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Steve Irwin Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Steve Irwin from The Crocodile Hunter


Steve was always seen sporting a shaggy ash-blonde mullet going down to his neck in an easygoing surfer dude type of style. With the right wig or hair dye, this is a simple look to achieve.

Use a volumizing brush to add a bit more bounce to your hair if need be.


Always outdoors, Steve was often seen sporting a light tan. You can use a light spray tan to add this extra detail to your costume, or you can tan the natural way for an extra challenge to give your costume a more realistic look.


As a guy always out interacting with nature in the great outdoors, Steve always looked the part in his rugged khaki pants and matching short-sleeved button-down shirt.

We’ve found some matching options on Amazon. If you still want to look around for other options, look for clothing made of a lightweight material for a more authentic appearance.


To complete your Steve Irwin costume, you’ll need a few of his most memorable accessories. This includes his brown leather belt, his wristwatch, his rugged brown hiking boots and his plain socks.

For the socks, use white, gray or black sports socks to match the simple and practical style of Steve Irwin’s.

Buy a pair of hiking boots, and for an extra detail, wear them around outdoors for a bit before going to your upcoming party or convention to give them a more lived-in, wild look.


Steve Irwin’s popular catchphrase was made famous as he exclaimed it while hunting for crocodiles in their natural habitat during the run of his reality TV series The Crocodile Hunter, which is also where he got his reputation as the man brave enough to work with these large and dangerous reptiles.

To give your costume one last finishing touch, purchase a large stuffed plush crocodile to bring with you while cosplaying or trick-or-treating, or get a friend to dress up as a fearsome croc to go alongside you.

You can purchase stuffed crocodiles and alligators online. You can also buy full-body basic crocodile costumes pre-made online from large retail websites and costume shops.

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