Mia Wallace Costume Guide

Plus Size Mia Wallace Pulp Fiction Costume

Mia Wallace Costume Guide

Hit the dance floor as one of the most iconic characters of 90’s cinema – Uma Thurman’s Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction. In this DIY costume guide, we will help track down a wig for her iconic black bangs and white blouse, as well as the other elements of her outfit.

Mia Wallace, the wife of Marsellus Wallace, is an enigmatic, reckless and beautiful woman who befriends troubled hitman Vincent Vega after he is told to take her for a night on the town.

In spite of her good looks and money, Mia is portrayed as a somewhat lonely and unhappy woman who indulges in conspicuous consumption and a number of vices, most dangerously cocaine.

After overdosing on drugs and being revived haphazardly by a terrified Vincent, she opts to never tell her husband about it before going home.

If you love 1990’s pop culture, a Mia Wallace costume is the perfect way to express it!

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Mia Wallace Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction


Mia’s hair is dark brown and cut with short, flat bangs over her forehead. The rest of her hair is cropped at a straight angle just past her neck.

To recreate this style for your costume, you can dye and style your own hair or you can use a dark brown cosplay wig.

Use a comb to get rid of any unwanted knots, wavy spots or tangles so it will look as straight as Mia’s hair in the film.


Mia wears a modest amount of dark brown eye shadow, plain black mascara and light red lipstick.

You can purchase these makeup supplies from Amazon or your local cosmetics store.


Mia wears a white oversized buttoned-down blouse with long, wide sleeves and an elongated, folded-down collar. The blouse widens out at the waist almost like a short tunic.

Along with this, she wears basic black slacks over her legs.

To prevent the white blouse fabric from appearing transparent, you can also wear a white tank top or camisole underneath it.


Mia smokes the fictional brand “Red Apple” cigarettes.

You can purchase fake prop cigarettes online from party supply stores and Halloween stores.

She also wears red nail polish, which you can buy from any retail website or beauty salon.

For Mia’s footwear, search shoe stores and retail websites for a pair of plain black flats.

To add one final accessory to your costume, purchase a large clear retro-styled milkshake glass or metal milkshake-maker can like the one Mia orders at the 1950’s-styled Jack Rabbit Slim’s restaurant.

Fill the glass with your own milkshake or ice cream so you can carry it around with you at your upcoming cosplay convention!

Vincent Vega:

For a great couple’s costume, get a friend to dress up as fellow Pulp Fiction character Vincent Vega, Mia’s friend and the one who promises to keep her drug overdose a secret from her husband, so you can go trick-or-treating or to your next cosplay convention together.

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