Numbuh 3 Costume Guide

Numbuh 3 Costume Guide

In Codename: Kids Next Door, the delightful Kuki Sanban AKA ‘Numbuh 3’ is part of squad that handles Sector V. She is in charge of diversionary tactics and is the medical specialist of the team, but her most important job might be taking care of the hamsters that power the treehouse!

Numbuh 3 is a young Japanese girl who has more outfits than anyone else on the show. However, she usually wears an oversized green sweater and black leggings. Her footwear includes black and white sneakers matched with green socks.

Read below to learn how to dress like Kuki Sanban ‘Numbuh 3’ from Codename: KND for cosplay and halloween.

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How to Dress Like Numbuh 3

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Numbuh 3 Costume Ideas


Numbuh 3 is most often seen wearing an oversized green sweatshirt. You can use a large green colored crewneck sweater but make sure that sleeves go well beyond your hands. Pair that up with black leggings or yoga pants.


Numbuh 3 wears large black and white sneakers. Cosplayers should wear converse shoes which have white laces and white on the top for the most authentic look. Don’t forget to match that up with knee high green socks. However, ankle length socks will also go well with the costume.


Kuki has jet black straight hair with bangs. You will need a straightener or a wig with bangs to capture the look. If you have a natural straight hair, then use a good conditioner to maintain that form.

Numbuh 3’s bangs usually extend right up to her eyebrows. If you are wearing a wig, make sure it is wide enough to cover the entire forehead or add an extension.


Kuki loves her rainbow monkey. A monkey plush toy with a rainbow shape on top will make the costume more authentic.

Other than rainbow monkey, she also like hamsters. In the show, she takes care of the ones who power the treehouse. Although cosplayers don’t necessarily need it to complete the costume, a hamster plush would be a nice addition. After all, everyone knows that she adores those hamsters!

About Numbuh 3


Toys? I don’t want toys… I WANT REVENGE!

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