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One-Punch Man Costume Guide

One-Punch Man DIY Costume Guide

Image Credit: Billy Wong

In this guide we will show you how to put together a costume that really packs a punch! Learn how to dress up like Saitama the powerful hero from the One-Punch Man manga and anime series.

Saitama is a hero who has practiced hard to attain the power to defeat all sorts of super powerful monsters and villains with just ONE punch.

Saitama breaks his own limits by the effort and perseverance of his training, leading him to obtain the power that defines him as the destroyer with a single fist.

This is a relatively simple costume that requires just a few items to get right. Saitama wears a yellow spandex suit with a white cape and red gloves. He is also completely bald which might present a challenge for cosplayers who have hair.

Check out how to create your own One-Punch Man costume below.

One-Punch Man Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like One-Punch Man

Bald Head:

Saitama is completely bald to the point of always having a shiny spot on his head. You can use a bald cap to achieve this look or go the dedicated route and bic your head. Make sure to slap on some grease to get that shiny look.


Saitama wears a yellow bodysuit. You can choose to wear a yellow waterproof coat and pants, you just have to put the coat inside your pants to create a suit that fits your body. Another way is to wear a yellow jumpsuit.


Use a black belt with a gold-colored buckle. A web style cloth belt will work well for this part of the costume. You can easily find one on Amazon or other stores.


Like many superheroes, One-Punch Man wears long red gloves. You can find these at most costume stores or on sites like Amazon.


To make the cape you can use the white bedsheet. It is better to use a heavier material to make sure it flows well while in action. You can also buy white capes and cloaks at costume shops.