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Powerpuff Girls Costume Guide

With sugar, spice and everything nice (and the accidental secret ingredient Chemical X), the adorable and cute little superheroes The Powerpuff Girls first made their debut in the 1990’s, and have since become some of the most popular characters in animated TV history.

Appearing in three cartoon adaptations, a feature film, a DeviantArt fan comic and even an anime TV spin-off, these three little girls are most often seen saving the city of Townsville from monsters, madmen and mayhem with the help of their creator, Professor Utonium.

This is a great cosplay choice, especially for a group of people who want to dress up together!

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Powerpuff Girls Costume Ideas

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Blossom Costume Guide

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Buttercup Costume Guide

Buttercup Powerpuff Girls Costume DIY Guide

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How to Dress Like Blossom, Bubbles & Buttercup from the Powerpuff Girls

Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup:

Blossom is one of the three Powerpuff Girls. A redheaded and precocious little girl with a large red bow on her head, enormous pink eyes, black shoes, white pantyhose and a simple pink sleeveless dress with a black band around it, she’s usually shown flying in between her two sisters.

Bubbles, the second Powerpuff Girl, is often depicted as the baby of the group with her light blonde hair in pigtails held in blue bauble hair-clips, her large blue eyes, black shoes, white pantyhose and her blue sleeveless dress with a black band around the middle.

Just like both of her siblings, the final Powerpuff Girl, Buttercup, is a tough and ambitious tomboy with short angular black hair, big green eyes, black shoes, white pantyhose and a green sleeveless dress with a black band around the middle.


To recreate the look of these three little girls, you can either dye and style your own hair to match one of the characters, or you can use a cosplay wig. Search retail websites and Halloween stores for the right-looking wig, and use scissors to style it if need be.

For an additional detail, purchase a red hair ribbon from a retail website or accessories website if you are dressing as Blossom, and blue plastic hair baubles if you are dressing as Bubbles.


You can use colored non-prescription costume contact lenses to get the same wacky colors as The Powerpuff Girls. To make your eyes look larger, search online for a video tutorial to create a doll-like, cartoon look with makeup for an extra step to your costume:


You can buy sleeveless dresses in various colors online from any retail website or shopping mall. If you are going as a group of the three characters, purchase the same brand and design of dress in different colors so your outfits will match.

You can buy white pantyhose from most retail websites and malls. You can also search Halloween stores to see if pre-made Powerpuff Girls costumes are available.


You can buy black fashion belts to add a black band to your dresses from accessories shops and retail websites. For the black shoes, search shoe stores and retail websites, and buy identical pairs if you are dressing up with other people.