Severus Snape Costume Guide

Deluxe Harry Potter Men's Snape Costume

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Severus Snape Costume Guide

Hunt down Harry for being late for Potions—and don’t forget your wand. It’s time to slip into Slytherin as the intelligent and ice-cold Professor Severus Snape with our DIY cosplay guide. 

Professor Snape is a complicated man from the much beloved Harry Potter Universe. He is the Potions Master, and a mighty fine one at that. His chilly exterior is born from a checkered past, and he’s really got a heart of gold. His tale is a heart-wrenching one!

Check out how to create your own Severus Snape costume below.


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Snape Costume Ideas

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Cosplay Examples

How to Dress Like Severus Snape from ‘Harry Potter’


Severus lives up to his name sake; he is truly severe. Sharp angles are the name of the game for him, with nearly shoulder-length jet black hair that’s parted down the middle. 

You can style your own mop or go for a wig, but don’t forget his look is extra sleek. You’ll want to use a hair straightener for sure (just make sure to read the instructions on your wig first if you’re going that route). 


Snape’s look is as layered as his personality, from the glimpse of a white collar you catch under his high-collared coat down to the graceful point of his boots. 

This costume will take five pieces to achieve beginning with the white band collar button down shirt. Sleeve length won’t matter, as it will go under a slim cut, navy blue or black band collar coat that buttons from neck down to the waistband on his black trousers. And the main event is his black cloak. The cloak trails and billows behind him as he walks and has a high collar. You can find some of these things at a second-hand store, but if you’ve got the dough you could also have a seamstress make them or find them at a store online. A graduation robe could easily be modified into a cloak. 

Remember that Snape doesn’t have any room for frills or superfluous fabric (save the billowing cloak), so the slimmer the fit for the coat and trousers, the better. 


Snape’s shoes are a hard sole black ankle boot with a slightly pointed toe. 

Depending on how high your coat buttons and how comfortable it is to get it there, you could also add a black ascot and tuck it into the top of the coat. You could even use a black neck tie if you have one. 

A wand is essential for every wizard, so go ahead find one made out of resin, just like Snape’s. You should be able to find one online or at a halloween store. 

And don’t forget to practice your disapproving looks and staring down your nose at all the troublemakers around you. Smiling was never the professor’s strong suit. (We recommend watching the first movie, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.)

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