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Naruto Sasuke Uchiha Black Cosplay Wig

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Obito Uchiha, one of the best Naruto characters. Since the beginning, Naruto has this thing. This thing about introducing sick villains. Obito is someone who lives up to the name. The name of the strongest Uchiha out there. Obito cosplay costume makes you one of the Uchiha.

Uchiha Obito Costume:

Naruto Sasuke Uchiha Black Cosplay Wig

Generally, the actual color and design will be made to more closely resemble that of the mannequins than the character.

Naruto Uchiha Obito Cosplay Costume

For products that only have character images, the actual color and design will be subject to the character.

Naruto Sasuke Uchiha Cosplay Costume

Actual colors may vary slightly from the images due to lighting and monitor resolution changes.

Obito has his share of costumes. He’s been keeping a whole closet somewhere. Full of Obito cosplay outfits. I’d love to see that someday.

It stays true to the Naruto anime. Plus it shows us the true Uchiha. The Uchiha that told us the whole story. It made us understand the lore better. The Uchiha Obito costume is a perfect fit for all the cosplay conventions and expos.


Here we have the exact Obito Uchiha costume. It brings in the Uchiha feel to the table. The Obito cosplay suit comes along with:

  • The same robe that sent shivers down our spine. It was the best plot twist Naruto had come up with. It made us question everything the had occurred in the anime.
  • The white and purple belt-like accessory that demarcates the top and bottom. It’s copied perfectly from the anime. It also makes the otherwise bland Uchiha Obito outfit cooler.


  • It copies the original look perfectly.
  • The details are all here making it difficult to spot you as a real person.


  • It might be difficult to adjust to especially for the people unaware of such outfits.
  • The head might not fit since the hole looks shorter. You might have to modify it.


Obito Uchiha is hands down one of the best characters. Not only in Naruto, but in the entire anime history. He’s someone who brought something completely new to the table. He’s one of the most memorable characters for a reason.

This Obito cosplay costume stays true to the character. It brings in the perfect look. It copies everything really well making you see the anime Obito. The cosplay costume is best for conventions. Even parties can have some of it making them a banger. Don’t start a war now though.

Obito Mask:

One thing about the character that stands out is the mask. It’s unlike anything we have ever seen before. This makes the character one of a kind. The Obito costume is one step closer to perfection with it. It brings in that feel. That very same feeling that the atmosphere was filled with. And that every time as well whenever he came to the scene. It’s a must-have to make the Uchiha Obito cosplay outfit complete. It shows the true colors of the character. A lot of people dug the second version. It’s the best buy for all of them.

Tobi Akatsuki Robe:

Before he was Obito he was Tobi. Tobi was still Obito was no one knew it. Tobi was just your random Joe that no one cared about. But he was a part of the Akatsuki. The very Akatsuki that made everyone tremble with fear.

It’s perfect for people who liked the character. He was wimpy and everything but he had this charm to him. It made him stand out in the Naruto universe. The Obito Akatsuki cosplay costume is something that brings the best of both worlds.


Here we have the Tobi Akatsuki Costume. It stays true to the anime bringing all that to the table. It features:

  • The same symbol in the center that made everyone vary that they might be on their way to meet their maker. It’s something that made everyone realize that it might be the last thing they ever see.
  • The black and red color that delivers a message. The message being that the Akatsuki are out there to overthrow everything. No one can stop them.


  • The Akatsuki symbol is copied really well.
  • The cloak brings in the perfect color combination signifying the Akatsuki.


  • The sizing might be improper so make sure you keep that in mind while ordering.


All of the Akatsuki fanboys want this. I know you all have been wanting this for a while now. It’s finally here for the taking.

Do know that this is such a good deal. Why? Because you get every Akatsuki member ever. That’s the beauty of the Tobi Akatsuki cosplay cloak. That you can dress up as any Akatsuki member. This makes things a lot easier.

All the conventions and expos will embrace you with open arms. You will also see a lot of your kind there. Be sure to talk about those team missions.

Tobi Mask :

Don’t look too long at it, you might sleep. The hypnosis mask that holds the biggest secret when it comes to Naruto. The orange color makes it all the more intimidating. It reminds us of every scene that it was featured. It’s essential when it comes to the Akatsuki Obito cosplay costume. It makes it complete. It’s like the most important part of it. You can’t miss out on it.

Obito Cosplay Tips:

Be wary of the character you are pulling off. If it’s the real Obito, make sure you learn some dialogues and poses. But if it’s Tobi, you can run wild and do whatever you want. Try to imitate his voice as well. That’d make it perfect. Also, the robes can be a little too much. Try to wear them a couple of times before.

This will make things a lot easier for you on an actual day. Keep all this in mind and you’ll be the actual Uchiha Obito. One who will overthrow and destroy everything out there.

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