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d.Va from Overwatch Costume Guide

d.Va Overwatch DIY Costume Guide for Cosplay and Halloween
How to Dress Like d.Va for Cosplay and Halloween [Photo: billybookcase]

d.Va from Overwatch: DIY Cosplay Guide

Grab some snacks, snap on a headset and get ready to game with our d.VA costume guide for cosplay and Halloween.

In ‘Overwatch’, d.Va is the kind of girl who takes her gaming skills a step above the rest. She is a former professional gamer who puts talents and skills to use outside of the virtual world to defend her homeland. Donning a skin tight blue and white jumpsuit plastered with sponsors, has a unique look which is instantly recognizable by Overwatch fans.

Learn how to dress up as d.Va with our DIY costume guide below.

d.Va Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like d.Va from Overwatch

Hair: has long dark brown hair which goes down a bit past her shoulders, as well as a fringe of bangs over her eyes. You can dye and style your own hair in this manner, or you can wear a wig.

Search online costume websites and Halloween stores for a good one, and use a paddle brush to keep it straight like’s.

She also wears pink and white headphones over her ears which keeps her hair down. You can purchase a set of over-the-ear headphones or a headset from most online retail websites and electronics stores.

Makeup: wears a light pink lip gloss, black mascara and she has four pink lines painted on her face (two on either side from her cheekbones up towards her nose).

Check out this great d.Va makeup tutorial to learn how to do it!

Outfit: wears a bodysuit consisting of black, pink, white and blue fabric. This suit has long sleeves, goes all the way up her neck to her ankles and has a small graphic image of a pink and white bunny on the front.

Her suit also has logos from various companies extending down the legs of the jumpsuit.

Accessories: wears white boots to her ankles with pink, turquoise and black accents on the sides. She also wears white rubber gloves with yellow accents on her wrists, and she carries a large pink and black light gun.

You can purchase white boots from most online retail websites and shoe shops and use acrylic paint to customize them, or you can search for costume boots to see if any are available.

Search larger online retail websites or costume websites for a durable pair of gloves, or purchase a pair of plain white winter gloves and use paint to customize them like’s.

For her light gun, you can purchase a replica prop weapon from cosplay websites or costume shops, or you can use craft materials and household supplies such as plastic and foam to make your own.

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