Jesse McCree Costume Guide

Overwatch OW Riverboat Jesse McCree Cosplay Costume

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Jesse McCree Costume Guide

In Overwatch, McCree is a skilled shooter with a vigilante streak, not to mention one of the game’s best duelists. Fast, precise and quick to do whatever needs to be done, he’s a great and powerful character who really knows how to operate a weapon effectively.

With his Wild West gunslinger appearance, beefy stature and ammo belt, at first glance he can be frightening, but it’s a great costume for any party or cosplay event.

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Jesse McCree Costume Ideas

Overwatch OW Riverboat Jesse McCree Cosplay Costume

Generally, the actual color and design will be made to more closely resemble that of the mannequins than the character.

Overwatch OW Jesse McCree Gambler Cosplay Costume

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Overwatch OW Storm Rising Skin Deadlock McCree Jesse McCree Cosplay Costume

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How to Dress Like Jesse McCree from Overwatch


Jesse McCree wears brown leather chaps, a brown shirt and gold solid armor over top. You can wear regular brown pants underneath the chaps. Check online costume websites to locate the clothing items, or create your own out of recycled plastic and cloth. If you want to be really authentic, look for items made from actual leather.

For the gold breastplate armor, look for plain armor with no other colors or logos painted on it. If you can’t find this, use gold acrylic paint to cover up the logo instead. You can use a thick piece of plastic as well if you want to try painting your very own armor from scratch. Add finer details with paint and markers.


Jesse McCree has a multitude of cool accessories including a red bandana scarf embroidered in gold, brown cowboy boots with sharp spurs, tan gloves and a leather ammo belt and gun holster. You can either buy these accessories from a costume website, or make them yourself.

When shopping online, remember to buy the right boot size for your feet.
Check costume websites to see if they sell Western attire and search for items that closely resemble McCree’s defining accessories.

With the right fabric you can create your own versions. Use fabric paint or markers to add smaller details to your accessories. Use a photo of McCree as a reference to help you out.

Cigar and Gun:

McCree wouldn’t be himself without his big brown cigarette and pistol! Purchase a fake cigar from a costume website or joke shop, and use a plastic toy gun. Make sure it fits into the holster accessory first!

Check your convention or party’s rules about bringing things that resemble firearms beforehand. If you’re not permitted to bring a toy gun with you, stuff black cloth into the holster and button it closed to make it look like there’s something in it.

Purchase some fake plastic bullets to place in the ammo belt, or use old household plastic to make your own.

Robotic Arm:

No McCree costume would be complete without his mechanical arm! Shiny, silver and strong, it gives this character a great cutting edge. Purchase a fake robotic arm glove from a costume website. You only need one, but you might want a set of two so you’ll have a spare.

Practice your gunslinging with your robotic arm and plastic pistol before your next convention. It’s guaranteed to be a costume that goes out with a bang!

About McCree


Justice ain’t gonna dispense itself.

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