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Widowmaker Costume Guide

Widowmaker DIY Costume Guide for Cosplay and Halloween
How to Dress Like Widowmaker for Cosplay and Halloween [Photo: billybookcase]

In Overwatch, Widowmaker is known as a ruthless and emotionless “perfect assassin”. She was once a fairly normal human being, even an accomplished ballet dancer, but after being reprogrammed as a sleeper agent, killing her husband in his sleep and being experimented on, she’s a shell of her former self and focused only on her appointed work.

For fans of Overwatch looking for a costume kill shot, dressing up as Widowmaker for cosplay or Halloween is sure to make a killer impression.

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Widowmaker Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Widowmaker from Overwatch

Widowmaker has long dark indigo hair pulled back in a ponytail on the back of her head. Her head itself has thick black armor on top adorned with sets of round red glittering orbs resembling the eyes of a black widow spider.

You can either dye and style your natural hair for this look, or you can wear a wig.

For the red orbs, any clear red and shiny hair clip or hair accessory can work. You can also glue round plastic ruby craft jewels to a black plastic hat or black visor to create a similar head covering to Widowmaker’s.

Skin Tone:
Many extreme experiments have left Widowmaker’s skin tone a pallid corpse-like violet color. You can use a light dusting of purple body paint to accomplish this look.

Widowmaker Makeup Tutorial:

Widowmaker wears a shiny dark black and purple bodysuit with plates of black and blue armor protecting her arms and legs.

Use acrylic paint to customize your armor. Her bodysuit also has a light blue hem down her chest in a lightning bolt shape. You can use fabric paint and scissors to add this extra detail, or search online for a more customized Overwatch costume suit.

Widowmaker wears black metal gloves and wrist coverings, tall black and blue boots adorned with small jagged spikes at her toes, and she totes a large weapon, her versatile sniper rifle.

She’s an expert sniper so no Widowmaker costume would be complete without it!

You can purchase spikes and glue them onto a pair of black boots, too. Last but not least, search for a large replica sniper gun prop from any Halloween store or toy store, or make your own from craft materials such as plastic and foam.

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