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Flash Slothmore Costume Guide

Flash Slothmore Zootopia Sloth Costume DIY Guide for Cosplay & Halloween

Flash Slothmore: DIY Cosplay Guide

Do… you… want… to… cosplay… as… a… sloth? Quick, grab our Flash Slothmore costume guide for ideas on how to dress up everyone’s favorite sloth DMV worker from Zootopia.

In ‘Zootopia’, Flash Slothmore is an anthropomorphic sloth who works at the DMV (Department of Mammal Vehicles) and a friend of Nick Wilde’s. Flash is an easygoing dude who the patience to listen to his friends when many other animals in Zootopia aren’t willing to give them a chance.

Learn how to dress like Flash Slothmore with our DIY costume guide for cosplay or Halloween.

Flash Slothmore Costume Ideas

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Cosplay Examples

How to Dress Like Flash Slothmore from Zootopia

Fur and Face:
Flash has small tufts of sandy brown hair on his head, as well as darker brown fur all over his body like many sloths. To get hair like Flash’s, you can dye and cut your own hair to match his, or you can wear a sandy brown wig.

Search costume websites and Halloween stores for a good wig, and use a brush to comb it out in the same style as Flash’s.

For Flash’s face, you can either wear a mask or as an alternative you can get imaginative with makeup and face paint to create a look just like this lovable sloth’s!

Here is a fun sloth makeup tutorial:

Sloth Style:
Flash has dark brown hair up and down his arms as well as long claws on his hands. He also has hairy brown feet with shorter claws on his toes.

You can use brown faux fur to sew furry sleeves to wear on your arms and feet, or you can search online retail websites and clothing stores for fuzzy brown slippers and arm-warmers.

For Flash’s claws, you can use plastic and foam to make your own or you can search online to see if you can locate any fake costume claws.

Flash wears light brown business pants with a black leather belt around his waist, a mint-green dress shirt with rolled-up short sleeves and an orange and black striped necktie.

You Want It When?
Flash is often seen holding a white coffee mug with a quote of office humor reading “you want it when?” in red and black letters. You can purchase custom coffee mugs online or use ceramic paint to create your own using a plain white mug. Fill it with coffee for a more authentic look!

Don’t forget to practice your slower speech for your upcoming event so you’ll sound just like Flash, and get your friends to dress up as other characters from Zootopia like Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde so you can all go together as a group!

About Flash Slothmore


“What…can I…do…for you…today?”

Flash Slothmore in Action