Hisoka Cosplay Costumes Guide: Dress Like Hisoka

Hunter x Hunter Hisoka Morow Purple Cosplay Shoes

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Hisoka Cosplay Costumes Guide: Dress Like Hisoka

This is a bold and impactful cosplay to carry on; with all the colors and accessories, you will look stunning. Hisoka is one of the most loveable characters on the Hunter x Hunter anime because he is strong and competitive when it comes to battles. Here will show you The best Hisoka Cosplay costume Guide.

Hisoka Cosplay Costume:

Hunter x Hunter Hisoka Morow Purple Cosplay Shoes

Generally, the actual color and design will be made to more closely resemble that of the mannequins than the character.

Hunter x Hunter Hisoka Morow Cosplay Costume

For products that only have character images, the actual color and design will be subject to the character .

Hunter x Hunter Hisoka Morow Brown Cosplay Wig

Actual colors may vary slightly from the images due to lighting and monitor resolution changes.

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This is an impressive quality set to cosplay your favorite character Hisoka Morow. You can combine it with an amazing makeup to look exactly like him. Dare to help the other hunters to fight in any convention or costume party that you are attending. This Hisoka cosplay outfit includes an electric blue shirt, a pair of pants and vest in sky blue, a matching yellow belt. This set also brings his iconic accessories in pink, to complete the look. The vest includes the poker card details in black to make you look as Hisoka. The fabricators are up to make it custom made for you, so you can ask them to make it for you. They only will last 2-3 weeks to make it exactly to your size, so you will look fitted and marvelous at the party or event.

  • As a custom-made cosplay, it is very detailed and fitted to any kind of body to make you look completely stunning.
  • High quality and its affordable to be hand made for a good price.
  • It does not include the red-haired wig to complete the Hisoka costume.


With this Hisoka cosplay costume, you will look incredible at any event you want to go. If you choose this option, you can make sure that you are buying your perfect size to look as amazing as you want. Many girls and boys cannot buy just the standard sizes because they will not fit appropriately so the best option is a custom-made Hisoka costume. They make this Hisoka cosplay costume with all the detailed things that can give you. The poker card signs in the vest are at the front in black and on the back in red, just like Hisoka’s. They also include the cover boots in the iconic harlequin form in electric blue to make you look good from head to toes. To complete the Hisoka cosplay outfit you can always add more fun to the look with a red-haired wig. You can get the wig from any cosplay store at your location or any cosplay website and for more attitude. Add an amazing makeup to make the poker card details over your face to look amazing as your favorite hunter. Get a manicure, remember that he has pointy nails and get his iconic weapon.

Hunter x Hunter Hisoka Cosplay Outfit:

This is an amazing Hisoka cosplay costume to attend any convention or party to look like this favorite villain/hero from Hunter X Hunter. With this Hisoka costume, and the perfect wig, boots and attitude you will get all the attention you desire to receive. This set comes with a dark blue sleeveless shirt with a wide collar, red poker card designs, and shiny gold details. A pristine pair of white pants with round dark blue details on the knees. It also comes with a beautifully fitted purple belt to complete the look, as well as the iconic Hisoka’s accessories in white.

  • Hisoka costume comes in any size. You can ask the fabricator to custom make you one if you want it perfect for your body type.
  • It is suitable for both males and females.
  • It is a bit pricey. It does not include boots and wig.


We extremely recommend you to get this Hisoka outfit because you will look amazing once you put it on with all its accessories. Remember to complete the look with the iconic red-haired wig of Hisoka. You can look even more badass if you add Hisoka’s weapon to the combination. Practice one choreography to show you battle skills to the people in the convention or the party. With this costume, you will look badass, because it will out-stand from any other costume because of its colors and the character design. If you are looking for something unique, this is what you are looking for.

Hisoka Shoes From Hunter X Hunter:

This pair of boots are custom made for both gender male and female and comes in any size with cheap price. They are made in black leather, and they are sewed with extreme detail to look the most possibly similar to Hisoka’s boots. To get one of these boots, you need to ask for them 15 days before the event to get it ready for that day. This is an amazing choice because you will get what you need specially made for you, in the right size and model. You can even choose the height of the heel to get more comfortable by walking on them.

Hisoka’s Personality:

Hisoka is one of those characters that can be overconfident and full of himself, he can also be selfish and self-absorbed. He loves to fight and get excited when he suffers pain so he tends to be a little sadomasochistic, which makes him a murderous sociopath. He loves to fight with good opponents and beat them, feeling pleasure when they bleed. On the other hand, he has a very comical emotion at some points.

Hisoka Cosplay Costume Advice And Tips

To look amazing as Hisoka, you need to get the perfect make-up; you can always make it by yourself or get it done professionally. If you want to look good, you will need to use a moisturizer all over your face, use a primer to hide the face imperfections. Then proceed to use a very light foundation and then apply white powder. Get your eyes done with some black eyeliner and get some eyelashes if you want to. At last, draw the red star in the right cheek and the teardrop in the left cheek to complete the look. You will look marvelous with our recommendations, we hope you like it.

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How to Dress Like Shoto Todoroki from My Hero Academia



Shoto has short hair slightly down past his ears with long, choppy bangs over his eyes. His hair is two distinctly different colors, completely white on one side and red on the other.

You can use hair dye to recreate this look, or you can use a red and white cosplay wig.

Use a comb to keep your hair strands from mixing together so they will be distinctly opposite on both sides just like Shoto’s.


Shoto has different colored eyes: one eye is turquoise and the other is a grayish color. You can use colored contact lenses to create this look.

He also has a rather large burn scar down to his cheek upon the left side of his face.

Use scar makeup or a makeup pencil to draw this detail on your own face.


Like most of the other students at U.A. High School, Shoto’s school uniform consists of a gray blazer with gold buttons and turquoise accent stripes. He also wears a white long-sleeved, buttoned-down dress shirt tucked into a pair of dark teal dress pants.

Tuck your dress shirt into the waistline of your pants for a more authentic look to your costume. Shoto’s hero costume consists of baggy dark blue pants, a dark blue long-sleeved jacket with a high collar to match, and a gray fabric neck piece which connects both halves of the jacket’s collar together.


With his hero costume, Shoto wears white rubber boots with a very thick tread on them, as well as a brown utility belt and a metal-plated combat vest.

When in his school uniform, Shoto wears a red knotted necktie and sneakers in shades of light blue and white pastels. You can find the footwear from retail websites and shoe stores.

Lastly, for the combat vest you can check out costume shops and Halloween stores, or you can use craft supplies to make your own.

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