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In Disney’s Big Hero 6, Honey Lemon is definitely the kind of girl everyone wants on their team. An intelligent chemical engineering student, Honey is not just brilliantly talented, but also a very loyal friend. She believes that the world can be a happier and brighter place through chemistry, and uses her skills to help whenever needed. Something else that makes her stand out as a great character is her quirky style of clothing, often retro-chic stuff from the late 1960’s to early 1970’s in various shades of pink and yellow to match her sunny personality.

Check out the links below to make your own DIY Honey Lemon costume for cosplay or Halloween.

Honey Lemon Costume Ideas

Big Hero 6 Honey Lemon Cosplay Costume

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Space Dandy Honey Cosplay Costume

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Big Hero 6 Honey Lemon Cosplay Wigs - Including Wig And Headband

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Big Hero 6 Honey Lemon Cosplay Armor Set Cosplay Prop
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How to Dress Like Honey from ‘Big Hero 6’


Honey has two iconic outfits throughout Big Hero 6 – one is a yellow dress and cardigan with white leggings, and the other is a pink and orange dress complete with purple tights and shoulder-length fingerless gloves.

The yellow outfit is fairly straightforward, just a simple dress and a long knee-length cardigan with long sleeves. If you’re unable to locate one online you can attempt to make one yourself. Search your closet for old clothes to see what you’ve got available.

For the fingerless gloves, many party stores carry them in stock. You can simply cut the fingers off to make the gloves look just like Honey Lemon’s. To accent Honey Lemon’s purple dress, she also wears an orange vest and belt. Check online or make these yourself by sewing them or recycling old clothing.


Honey is usually seen wearing her oversized pink-framed hipster glasses, which accent her whole face. If you already wear glasses yourself, you’re already there!

You can also shop for new frames if you want to get your glasses to look like Honey Lemon’s. This can be on the more expensive side, so you can also buy pink metallic sunglasses, punch the dark lenses out and wear them over your regular glasses.

If you don’t wear glasses, shop around online or at party stores for pink frames. Honey’s a fan of the retro look, so search for vintage frames to give your costume an even more authentic feel.


Some of Honey Lemon’s many accessories throughout Big Hero 6 include a yellow fabric headband, a large yellow shoulder bag, knee-high yellow boots and pink platform shoes.

Many shoe shops, online retailers and party stores carry platform shoes, so look around and see what you can find, or redesign a pair of your old boots with acrylic paints.

You can either buy a yellow headband or make one yourself by using a long scrap of yellow fabric. If you find the fabric in your hair uncomfortable or that it keeps sliding out, you can use a plastic headband instead.

For her shoulder bag, you can buy a yellow bag online or sew one yourself. Opt for durable fabric so you can use it to collect candy in! It’s a great way to have your own style of trick-or-treat bag instead of using an old pillowcase or plastic bin liner.


Honey Lemon wears a purple helmet with orange tassle accents on it, giving her almost a catty appearance when she’s in superhero form. You can reuse an old purple hat and sew orange fabric piece onto the sides, or you can check online for a real purple helmet and glue orange fabric to it.

Honey’s hair is very long and blonde. If your hair isn’t naturally blonde you can dye it to get the style, or you can choose a temporary alternative and wear a blonde wig.

About Honey Lemon


Five hundred POUNDS of it! C’mere c’mere c’mere, you’re gonna LOVE this! A dash of perchloric acid, a smidgen of cobalt, a hint of hydrogen peroxide, SUPER HEATED TO FIVE HUNDRED KELVIN, and…

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