Bo Peep Costume Guide

Disney Toy Story Little Bo Peep Cosplay Costume

Bo Peep Costume Guide

With Toy Story 4 just being released this summer, celebrate the return of one of the series’s most popular characters with a Bo Peep costume!

With the right supplies, you can look the part of this adorable and streetwise character, and this guide will give you all the info you’ll need for cosplaying, from Bo’s long dress to her wooden blue shepherding cane.

In Toy Story 3, Bo Peep was said by a downhearted Sheriff Woody to have been “lost”, but Toy Story 4 dives into her story in detail. While attempting a rescue of her toy racecar friend, RC, Bo is picked up by a man in his car and taken away. Along with his new pal Forky, Woody rediscovers Bo at a trailer park and is thrilled to see his lost love interest again, but at the same time surprised to learn how much she’s changed.

Read our guide below to make your own DIY Bo Peep costume for cosplay or Halloween.

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Disney Toy Story 4 Bo Peep Cosplay Costume

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How to Dress Like Bo Peep from Toy Story 4


Bo Peep has blonde hair pulled back behind her head in old-fashioned but practical curls, along with rounded bangs over her forehead and a rather large pink bow at one side of her head. You can curl your own hair, or you can use a blonde cosplay wig to recreate Bo’s hairstyle.

For the pink bow, search retail websites and wholesale websites. Add some hairspray for a more solid, glossy look to match Bo’s porcelain hair.


Bo Peep is made of porcelain. For a more glossy porcelain appearance, add some cosmetic makeup highlighter and ivory facial concealer to your costume.


Bo Peep’s outfit has changed a lot since her first 1990’s appearance in Toy Story. Whereas she once wore a polka-dotted dress with long bloomers, in Toy Story 4 she now wears a periwinkle-blue corset-style top with white lace accents and short sleeves, along with a matching pair of calf-length blue pants.

She also wears a dark purple cloak pinned back with a purple brooch. You can find similar items onlines, or get a full Bo Peep cosplay costume with these accessories already attached.

Sheep and Cane:

There are a few extra items you’ll need to complete your Bo Peep costume, including her small flock of sheep, her blue shepherd’s cane, her lavender-colored wrist cuffs and her dainty black flat shoes. Bo is always seen with her little gang of fluffy sheep following her.

You can purchase rubber sheep and sheep plushies online from toy stores.

For Bo’s cane, search costume shops and Halloween stores, or use plastic and paint to customize your own shepherd’s cane.

You can find lavender-purple wrist bracelets online from retail websites and wholesale websites, or you can use lavender fabric to sew your own wrist cuffs for your costume.

Lastly, pick up a pair of plain black flats from any shoe store or retail website to finish off your costume.