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Wasabi Costume Guide

Wasabi Big Hero 6 DIY Costume Guide
Learn how to dress like Wasabi from Big Hero 6

Wasabi is a down-to-earth friend and superhero in the movie Big Hero 6. He is extremely smart and extremely organized and while he has no “powers” per-se, he harnessed his knowledge of physics and technology to create plasma blades, which help the team of friends work for good. While Wasabi is just a nickname, his attire seems to reflect the color of real wasabi and his plasma blades can really pack a punch like the real wasabi food too. 

Wasabi is a chill guy with a casual every-day outfit. He wears a comfortable light green  sweater that just happens to reveal this guy’s massive muscles; he’s not the kind of guy who would show off. He has simple dark pants and some cool toe-shoes and he wears his hair free in dreadlocks with a light yellow headband around his hairline. 

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Items You’ll Need to Complete the Costume:

  • Dreadlocks
  • Light Yellow headband
  • Light Green Sweater and White Shirt
  • Dark Colored Pants
  • Toe Shoes

Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Wasabi from Big Hero 6


Wasabi has thick, short, brown dreadlocks. You can buy a wig online or at a costume store and cut it to that length. Wear a light yellow headband along your hairline. You can find a stretchy headband like this at a department store with a hair accessory aisle or online. 


Wasabi’s sweater has a small, not deep v-neck and is light green. Something like this could be found at a department store and if it’s in the off season, you might find one on clearance. You can also check a thrift store because it might be nice to try to recreate the pattern on Wasabi’s sweater using a paper template and spray paint. If that’s too complicated, you could find some yellowish tape and build the design by applying the tape to the sweater in the same square-like pattern. Under the sweater, wear a simple white or cream t-shirt. 


It looks like Wasabi wears Jika-Tabi shoes, which are part of Japanese culture. You could look online for something like that or the shoes that separate out your toes could also work. Wasabi’s shoes aren’t super noticeable, so as long as you wear dark, nondescript shoes it should look fine. 


You may already have a pair of dark pants that could work for this outfit, but to be specific, Wasabi wears kind of a charcoal grey jogger pant. These or dark skinny jeans or pants will look the part.