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Jim Hopper: DIY Cosplay

Get ready to explore the Upside Down with our DIY Jim Hopper costume guide. In the Netflix hit show ‘Stranger Things’, a show evoking the culture and nostalgia of the 1980’s, Jim Hopper is the chief of police. Contrary to the stereotype of the usual bumbling cop, Hopper is a well-developed character with a mysterious past. He’s also the protective father figure for Eleven, a girl with some very special powers.

See below to learn how to dress like the small town hero Jim Hopper.

Chief Hopper Costume Ideas

Treasure Planet Jim Hawkins Cosplay Costume

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How to Dress Like Jim Hopper from ‘Stranger Things’


Hopper keeps things simple with a modest haircut and a simple beard and mustache. To nail down this style for your costume, you can wear a brown wig. Check out Halloween shops and online costume websites to find a good one, and use scissors to cut it into the right style.

For the facial hair, you can use a dark brown eyebrow pencil to draw it on, or you can purchase a fake mustache from a Halloween store or party store.


Like any dedicated police chief, Hopper wears his beige dress shirt and matching pants to complete his official uniform, and he also wears a dark blue jacket over it. Y

ou can purchase these items online from retail websites, or you can hit up your local shopping mall or thrift store to see what you can find.

To get the same stocky appearance as Hopper, you can wear layers of clothing underneath your outfit, and remember to choose a large baggy blue jacket like his!

Hat & Accessories:

To finish off your Jim Hopper costume, you’ll need a few extra accessories. To start, get a beige wide-brimmed police hat like Hopper’s. Add a replica gold police badge, and pin it to the front of your shirt. Get a brown leather belt for your pants from a retail website or shopping mall, or you can substitute it with another style of classic plain belt if you want. Finally, get a pair of black boots to complete the look.

As one last extra accessory, purchase a blue hair tie to wear around your wrist. While it might seem odd that Hopper wears a girl’s hair tie on his arm, it actually belonged to his daughter Sara, who died of cancer. He kept the tie and later gave it to Eleven as a sign of affection. You can purchase blue hair ties and elastics online from most accessories websites.

Get your friends to dress up as other characters from the Stranger Things gang like Eleven, Barb Holland and Nancy Wheeler so you can bring a wave of the 1980’s weirdness to your upcoming Halloween party or cosplay convention!

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