Jyn Erso Costume Guide

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Jyn Erso Cosplay Costume - Including Boots

Jyn Erso Costume Guide

Jyn Erso is a soldier in the Rebel Alliance featured in Rouge One (a Star Wars franchise movie) that is portrayed by actress Felicity Jones.

Erso lost her mother Lyra at a very young age. Then her father Galen was kidnapped by the commander of Death Star Project, Director Orson Krennic. Jyn, also referred as ‘Stardust’ by her father, was then raised by the fighter named Saw Gerrera and became a soldier in his army.

She later learned about the existence of Death Star project plans on Scarif by her father’s holographic recording. Erso set out to save her father on Eadu but sadly failed in that mission. With renewed purpose to avenge her father, she went on to Scarif to steal the plans with Rebel Alliance and Captain Cassian Andor. The squad they formed was called the Rouge One.

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How to Dress Like Jyn Erso from ‘Rogue One’

Rouge One Star Wars Jyn Erso Pilot Suit Black Cosplay Wig

Generally, the actual color and design will be made to more closely resemble that of the mannequins than the character.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Jyn Erso Brown Shoes Cosplay Boots

For products that only have character images, the actual color and design will be subject to the character image on our site rather than the other images.

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Jyn Erso in Action

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Jyn Erso Costume Breakdown

Hair and Face:

Being a soldier, Jyn maintains a medium-sized hair length as she does not have the time to comb it regularly. She keeps her hair tied behind her head and tufts both the sides to cover her ears. Her light blue eyes look phenomenal with a determined stare in them. While portraying Jyn, Felicity Jones wears minimal makeup as she plays the role of a soldier.


Jyn Erso wears a gray-colored half sleeve slub t-shirt over a khaki or gray colored full sleeve t-shirt. The full sleeve t-shirt’s collar is the most distinctive thing about it. It has a flap that hangs open slightly.

Over the top of them, she wears a puffy olive green bomber jacket that makes her looks more elegant. She wears the jacket with a padded pattern on its back.

She also wears a gray-colored woven scarf around her neck throughout the film. The scarf offers protection from the brutal elements found on Scarif as she works to steal the Death Star plans.

She completes her ensemble with a pair of form-fitting black cargo pants. The pants have multiple pockets which come in handy for storing ammunition. The pants have adjustable straps just below the knees, and a pin-tucked panel on the outer shins.

Gloves and Footwear:

Jyn wears fingerless gloves to help improve her grasp. She also wears high knee boots which are perfect for hiding small sized weapons (such as knife or gun) in case of emergency.


Sometimes, Jyn Erso wears safety goggles for eye protection. She wears a belt with a gun around her waist that gives her the ability to fight any immediate danger.

Jyn wears armor around her torso that gives protection against any kind of projectile and is also used as a gun holster on her back. She is also occasionally wears a hat.

About Jyn Erso


“We Have Hope. Rebellions Are Built On Hope.”

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