Link And Princess Zelda Cosplay Costumes

The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Princess Zelda Young Zelda Cosplay Costume

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Link And Princess Zelda Cosplay Costumes

Link is the legendary character from The Legend of Zelda video game, the hero that’s been in the industry for a long time. He’s earned all the fame there is rising to the top video game character at times as well. That cause Mario is always going head to head with him for the first spot.
But still the character for a lot of people is the best there is since the beginning. Ever since he was introduced in that first game. Nostalgia at it’s best. Let’s dive right into Link Cosplay costume’s advice and tips. It’d be such a delight to dress up as him to save your princess right?

1. Link Cosplay Costume Green:

The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Princess Zelda Young Zelda Cosplay Costume

Generally, the actual color and design will be made to more closely resemble that of the mannequins than the character.

Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the NecroDancer Featuring The Legend of Zelda Zelda Cosplay Costume

For products that only have character images, the actual color and design will be subject to the character.

Zelda Muso Hyrule Warriors Princess Zelda Sword Cosplay Prop

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It’s the basic Link outfit that we’ve been seeing since the beginning. Even in those pixelated worlds that the first Legend of Zelda games provided, it was the same in it’s entirety. This makes us know that Nintendo stays true to it’s roots all the time.
That’s what makes them so special as a video game company bringing smiles to everyone’s faces for a long time. This Link costume green perfect to cosplay as to E3 or to a convention or expo where all the like-minded people gather. They understand each other way better and it’s easy to get along with each and every one of them.

Link’s costume hasn’t been through many changes now has it? It’s the same old Link attire that we’ve loved since the beginning. That green and yellow color that makes us remember the story. That makes us the village’s music humming through our mouths. That makes us hear the voices again and again. ‘Hey, Listen, Hey, Listen’. Nami you cute naive fairy.

This Zelda costume brings the old look and has those add ons that were there. The ones that were added with the recent skyward sword and previous Twilight Princess games. Those games gave a mature look to Link compared to the ones we say back in the ’90s. Still, a combo is here to satisfy all kinds of fans both old and new. An all in one if I’m to say.

It’s perfect to dress up in this Link cosplay to the biggest gaming event there is to ever exist, E3. Conventions and expos also offer that kind of opportunities and can make you run around in the fields. The fields that’d make you imagine Hyrule more and more.


  • The same Link outfit from the Legend of Zelda game from head to toe.
  • All the accessories come along with it making it a complete package.
  • The details are copied perfectly every last one of them.
  • The colors seem to blend with each other really well making it more appealing.


  • It might be difficult to work your way around in those gauntlets.
  • That strapped up outfit may be uncomfortable if worn for a long time.
  • The boots could have been better taking the video game into perspective.


If you’re a Legend of Zelda fan who’s been with Link since the beginning of time, this is for you. This is the best way to treat yourself as there’s a lot to it. For starters, it’d make you remember those good old days when you were first exposed to the character, making you remember those innocent smiles.

Those eyes that put stars to shame. Those excitement levels that were adorable to the very core. At the same time it makes for the perfect cosplay since his whole outfit looks pretty cool with you making those noises. Yes I’m talking about those when he jumps and swings his sword around making a circle. Those iconic sounds that I still remember as clearly as I did back as a kid. The Legend of Zelda and Link in particular has been a huge part of my life growing up. I love it very much.

If there’s E3 coming up and you’ve to visit those Nintendo booths to try out Smash or Mario, this is the best way you could go in one of those. I’m sure they’d be delighted to see a devoted fan and would give you some secret presents and gifts who knows.

I’m sure they’d reward you in some way since nothing brings more joy to the heart other than meeting someone who appreciates it. Appreciates the work, the effort you’ve put your blood, sweat, and tears in. You can even have someone cosplay as Zelda while you’re in a Link cosplay costume, making all the couples jealous at that beautiful sight.

2. Link Cosplay Costume Blue:

It’s the Zelda Link costume that’s been introduced for a couple of years now. The Link outfit that’s been around making all the people go crazy at this reimagined version of the character. It’s perfect to do a Link cosplay costume in it if you’re a big fan of the new Breath of The Wild Game. The game was one of the best comebacks in video game history.

The Zelda Link cosplay outfit featuring Link from the new game. The game that everyone wanted to get their hands on the moment it was introduced back at E3. The new-look suits Link pretty well and doesn’t make people bad mouth it at all. You know not many people go along with the fact that change is good at all times.

That light blue color is reminiscent of those skies, those clouds that we looked at. Those sights that we looked out for every time night was over and we could hear. Hear those rooster sounds that reminded us that morning is here back in Ocarina of time. Ah good old days, golden days. The new-look without the hat looks better in my opinion since it shows those beautiful elf hair more clearly.

A thing we couldn’t see back in those previous games. The accessories and the new design looks better in many ways. I love the whole strapped look and those new signs and symbols. Sure to mark you as a cool kid.


  • The same outfit from the latest release done perfectly.
  • Even the slightest of details are copied in their best way.
  • Everything comes along with it letting us save a lot of time and effort.
  • The colors to the quality to everything, best one I’ve seen so far.


  • The new-look might not be appreciated by a lot of fans.
  • Those straps might make one uncomfortable if worn for a long period of time.


If you’re a new fan who’s been introduced to the Legend of Zelda series recently. Recently as in with the new systems, Wii U and Switch, this is for you. It’ll the perfect birthday gift for a little brother or a relative. Even when we were kids, video games made us jump with excitement and happy even on a bad day. Even if we had a bad day at school, come home and play our favorite games, we’re like reborn the same time. It was so delightful since life was so simple.

Moreover, you can also pull off a Link cosplay to a Nintendo booth or PAX, anywhere. Video game festivals and cosplay conventions are all around the world around the year. It’ll surely make you featured on all those magazines making you convention famous in no time. Even you’ll be amazed for sure since you wouldn’t have seen that coming.

Praise Link for he’s the one pulling the strings from the other world. It’d be perfect to do a picture with Zelda since that cosplay is very famous and popular right now as well. That way you’ll get a girl as well. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. You can also make a video doing all sorts of Zelda related stuff. It’ll blow up on youtube for sure.

3. Zelda Link Elf Ears:

This is something you can’t come up on your own if you’re sane. Of course you can cut your ears like that to get a natural look. But please be sane and rational here. This is the solution to all your problems when it comes to the Link outfit. The ears have the word elf written all over them making you one of that class the moment you wear them.

You’ll feel as if the air’s been changed with the aroma of those flowers, those trees filling you up bewitching your mind. It captures the details really well and it doesn’t look an ersatz by any means. It looks natural while being something produced by oneself at the very same time. Someone’s got good hands I tell you that. They’re easy to wear, just a click and they fit right behind your ears giving you the elf look right away.

Utility at it’s best. No glue, no pins. Just a bit of adjustment and you have them in their perfect place. This goes really well with and makes the Zelda cosplay complete since they make a huge part of the character. Ever since the beginning Link’s been the same and has them since he’s of that race.

Zelda Princess Costume:

I get it, it’s difficult being a girl. If you’re a Zelda fan and consider Link the ultimate boy, this is for you. Why should boys have all the fun now? No restrictions no nothing. It’s the perfect alternative for all the Zelda fans who want to do a Link cosplay.
But want a feminine side to him as well becoming Princess Zelda rather than Link. It’d be a breath of fresh air and would make you stand out among all the cosplayers for sure. This is the perfect innovative idea there is when it comes to anime and video games.

This is a perfect treat for all the fangirls who want to pull off a Zelda outfit. Most of the time I see girls fangirling all over Link costume. Considering all his attributes and saying how he’s the best character in all aspects.
But when it comes to cosplaying him they want a girlie version of Link since they think it’s cuter and looks better.

I don’t agree and do agree at the same time. I mean the character should be exhibited the way he is but a female version of it. That’s not bad at all now, is it? I’m sure it’d look very cute and would be something completely different. Completely out of this world. It captures the original character very well, the Zelda Link costume cosplay that is.

All the colors, everything is in its the perfect place and keeps the character descriptive. Staying true to its roots, it brings everything to the table when it comes to the character. All the accessories, everything. There’s everything here. But giving a girl side to it makes things fall a bit more on the cute side. I love the Princess Zelda cosplay in this direction and would be curious to see how it’d turn out. Girls, wear this for sure.


  • Something completely different is here which is always welcomed.
  • It captures the original character in its entirety while giving it a new side.
  • It comes along with all the accessories that make up the character.
  • The gauntlets are replaced which is good and cute.


  • The straps are no longer there that made the character look out of the forest.
  • Quite a bit of what the character offered is lost in this way.


If you’re a Zelda fan and are a girl, this is perfect. This is all you ever wanted. It’d be perfect to dress up in this Breath of the Wild  Zelda Princess cosplay to a convention or expo. Even Nintendo booths would surely welcome it with open arms. Not only that, but it might also give them new ideas in the whole Zelda universe. You’d be responsible for an entire video game character in that way.

How cool is that. Plus in video game festivals, people would surely appreciate this new Zelda Princess costume. This new Zelda cosplay outfit girl version that’d surely look way better than the other girls who’d be cosplaying as Link costume the boy version. It gives a cute side to Zelda princess which is not there in the original character since he’s literally fighting all the time.

Plus I’m sure you’ll get a lot of cosplay offers since you’d introduce a new concept and a new side to the character. Better get that best cosplay award while you’re at it too. If you have a little sister or a family relative who plays and love Zelda, this is the best. Your gift would surely outclass all the other gifts there are and would make Santa look nothing compared. It serves quite a bit of purpose and is pretty good in all ways.

Link Cosplay Advice and Tips:

If you want to pull off the perfect Zelda cosplay to ever exist, stay true to this tutorial. The makeup should be perfect and wear the outfit walking around for a while to see how it works. Also make sure that you’ve worked out with the wig before to know how to adjust it and everything. Keep this in mind and you’re sure to pull of a great Link cosplay.

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