Fate Grand Order Ereshkigal Moon Girlfriend Outfit Cosplay Costume


Among so many comics strips, anime, and other cartoons you can find many female characters. And to surprise everyone in the next cosplay we bring you these cosplay girls costume ideas you could consider.

1. Elsa Cosplay Costume:

For Frozen lovers, there is this relentless cosplay by Elsa that will allow you to look like a Disney princess in all her splendor.

This is a cute Elsa cosplay costume with many details in a combination of white and several blue tones. You can also see designs that simulate ice and snow, just like the original.


  • Drawings in remarkable areas that simulate ice.
  • Cotton and polyester fabrics for a better ice effect.
  • Complete it with a white wig.

If you are a Disney lover and you are looking for a cosplay girl idea that attracts everyone’s attention, then this is the ideal suit for you.

2. Nezuko Cosplay Kimono from Demon Slayer:

For Demon Slayer fans, there’s Nezuko cosplay costume, which includes everything you need to look like a real Japanese anime cosplayer.

This Nezuko cosplay outfit really includes all the character’s accessories, sleeves, kimono, and much more. There’s no doubt that it’s a pretty complete cosplay costume.


  • Many accessories to be identical to the character.
  • It has the same colors as the anime.
  • She’s a real cosplay girl.

We know that there can be many Japanese cosplay costume ideas, but this is undoubtedly one of the most attractive and beautiful there is. See your next cosplay girl as a real anime lover.

3. Yennefer Cosplay Costume:

This black queen Yennefer costume is really stunning and will make you feel worthy of royalty. It doesn’t always take many colors to surprise.

The suit consists of a large black gown that will cover your entire body, with adjustments and hairy details on the shoulders. It can be complemented with a little crown.


  • With the crown, all you’ll need is the Iron Throne.
  • You can use it on cosplay conventions or anywhere.
  • Play different characters.

If you prefer a more reserved dress but at the same time look incredible, then this Yennefer cosplay costume is the ideal one for you. Besides the crown, you could choose a yellow wig too.

4. Hinata Cosplay Costume:

This Hinata costume will make you feel like the real character, and it’s not a bad anime cosplay idea for the next Comic-con.

Hyuga Hinata cosplay girl outfit is quite simple and can be complemented with other accessories since only the jacket and elastic pants come with it. With the purple wig, you’ll look like a real cosplayer.


  • The pants and jacket look just like the character.
  • American sizes.
  • An excellent choice for anime fans.

Hinata Hyuga is characterized by being very shy, but with this costume, you will surely become a heroine in your next anime cosplay girls. Buy the rest of the accessories and become a real Hinata.

5. Raphtalia Cosplay Costume:

If you want to look like The Rising of The Shield heroine, you have to consider it as one of your cosplay ideas.

Raphtalia costume is quite complete and you can use it as an easy cosplay girl idea. It includes the shirt, bib, capes, and other accessories that will make you look like an anime fan.


  • Includes the accessories for a complete costume.
  • Each part of the costume fits snugly to the body.
  • Combines different materials.

In short, Raphtalia cosplay outfit that you could use for cosplay conventions, theme parties, etc. And if you like this easy cosplay girls costume, then you will want to have this among all your options.

6. Mikasa Cosplay Costume:

Do you want to feel like Attack on Titans killer? With this Mikasa cosplay costume, you will be an anime character ready for any battle.

With Mikasa ackerman outfit, you’ll feel powerful. This costume is one of the most complete as it includes the jacket, the pants, and the shirt with its harnesses, a scarf, and other accessories.


  • The pants are adjusted to anybody.
  • The harness has buckles for a better fit.
  • It is a complete suit.

This is a good cosplay girl outfit that will allow you to look like an anime warrior. Besides, you don’t need to complement the costume with anything else, just wear it and be surprised.

7. Bulma Cosplay from Dragon Ball

Classics should be respected, and with this Dragon Ball Bulma suit, you’re sure to make a splash wherever you go.

A true cosplayer will know how to show off every detail of this suit, such as Bulma’s characteristic blue hair, the black tights, the yellow dress, and that pink headband that cannot be missed.


  • It has all the accessories and character details.
  • The colors are intense.
  • You will be Vegueta’s ideal companion.

If you are going to cosplay with your boyfriend and you want to make a couple of costumes, ask your partner to be Vegeta so that together you can be cosplay couple.

8. Himiko Toga Cosplay Costume:

For the My Hero academia fans, there is this complete Himiko Toga outfit, which besides the details, becomes a cute cosplay girl.

Himiko cosplay costume is quite complete, it includes all the schoolgirl attire with the character’s colors, but it also includes the big scarf with printed teeth that symbolize the big smile of this anime.


  • Complete with a wig and shoes.
  • The outfit has many details and accessories.
  • You can be the an amazing cosplayer.

Himiko Toga is a sought-after character for many, but only a few have the privilege of wearing it properly, and there is no doubt that all this suit will make you a real Himiko.

9. Zero Two Cosplay Costume:

Standing out among the uniform outfits is the Franxx Zero Two which has beautiful colors and accessories that make it a convenient suit.

This Zero two outfit only consists of a dress and a pants pair. However, the dress has all the details and colors worthy of the Zero Two character. Every detail is tailored to your body.


  • It has amazing details.
  • Easy to put on and adjust.
  • A very clean uniform outfit.

If you are looking for an easy cosplay girls idea, you should consider this Franxx Zero Two uniform outfit for your next costume game. You may look a little stiff with an original suit.

10. Kakegurui Cosplay Outfit:

Continuing with the uniform outfits, now we present you the Kakegurui costume, which is shown as a complete set equal to the Yumeko Jabami anime.

The Yumeko uniform includes everything you need to look like the anime; jacket, shirt, skirt, tie, and some accessories. If you dare you can vary the socks and turn it into a beautiful cosplay girl.


  • Different fabrics for each garment.
  • It can be used for any occasion.
  • The jacket has several unique details.

If you like to wear and collect anime character uniforms, you should consider this one for your collection. Or you could even give it as a gift to a fellow anime lover.

11. Uraraka Cosplay Costume:

Another very sought-after uniform for Boku No Hero Academia fans is the Uraraka costume, which has good details to look good.

With this gray jacket green details and gray buttons, along with the skirt and other accessories, you are sure to be just like Ochako Uraraka or Tsuyu.


  • The green stripes and yellow pins give personality.
  • A shorts stockings make an easy cosplay girl.
  • Complete with the wig and makeup.

If you want to look like an innocent schoolgirl and at the same time look amazing, then this is the outfit for you. The Uraraka character can be what you are looking for.

12. Violet Evergarden Cosplay Dress:

This is an amazing Violet evergarden cosplay costume that can attract not only your attention but also everyone’s at any event.

Its unique design includes the coat, the dress, and a pair of gloves, but each of them has a series of details that faithfully copy the anime character.


  • The unique design of gloves and sleeves.
  • Made of high-quality materials.
  • Boots come in the package.

Really this is a very nice outfit that completes perfectly with the boots and the yellow wig. Besides, you can wear it everywhere, not only to cosplay or comic-con.

13. Sakura Cosplay Costume:

Haruno Sakura is one of Naruto’s main characters, and she is also one of the most wanted anime characters for cosplays.

This Sakura attire is quite simple. It is a red dress with the characteristic rings of the character suit. Complete the costume with the headband and a pink wig.


  • Made of polyester.
  • Easy to put on.
  • It has a zipper on the neck for a better fit.

Sakura outfit could also become an easy cosplay girls, in case you prefer to leave your legs uncovered. But a black Lycra is not superfluous to cover your legs a bit.

14. Princess Mononoke Outfit:

Not all princesses are delicate, there are several who are warriors and brave, and you can become one in the outfit of Princess Mononoke.

This is a real cosplay for women. It includes a navy blue dress, the white plush vest, shoe covers, and other accessories such as a tiara and a pair of bracelets.


  • Complete the costume with makeup.
  • The shoe cover includes bands to hold the shoes.
  • It’s an easy costume to wear.

If you want to make the costume much more like the Princess Mononoke, put on some big white earrings, a headband, and carrying a bloodied knife.

Yang Xiao Long Costumes:

An outfit that has several garments and accessories on it has to be Yang Xiao Long cosplay girls costume from RWBY, an ideal costume for a beautiful girl.

The entire outfit package includes a coat, top, collar, belt, gloves, and more. Each garment includes several accessories such as zippers and buttons that combine very well with the rest of the suit.


  • The colors and accessories combine very well.
  • It’s a suit for both women and men.
  • American sizes.

If you are looking for a suit to give to your partner, either man or woman, you could consider this one as a cosplay girls option for him or her.